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Chalet Isabel Garden Residence



The Best that Switzerland has to Offer

Chalet Isabel Garden Residence offers the ideal space from which to host family and friends, as well as a location that calls to adventure...

3 Bedrooms
3.5 Bathrooms
6 Occupancy
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Chalet Isabel


An Ideal Escape Awaits

Chalet Isabel is perfect for those who seek to enjoy nature with friends and family no matter the season. Outdoor enthusiasts are sure to find this...

8 Bedrooms
6.5 Bathrooms
16 Occupancy
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Luxury Gstaad


Swiss dreams come true at our incredible Luxury Gstaad, located in stunning Gstaad, Switzerland. Adorned with traditional Swiss woodwork both inside and out, the home is reminiscent of...

6 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms
14 Occupancy
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Chalet Isabel Penthouse



Rise Above at the Chalet Isabel Penthouse

Those looking for outdoor adventure, incredible surroundings, luxury accommodations and the beauty of the Swiss alps at their doorstep...

4 Bedrooms
3.5 Bathrooms
8 Occupancy