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Telluride is one of the most beautiful places in the West and a favorite for young and old marrying couples alike. Weddings in Telluride not only benefit from beautiful scenery but also from the laid-back charm that this mountain town is known for. Whatever the size of your event, there's a perfect spot to host it in Telluride.


Seasonal Considerations

Telluride, Colorado

Like most mountain towns, Telluride enjoys two peak seasons, summer and winter, and two shoulder seasons, spring and fall. There are advantages and disadvantages inherent with each season. No matter when you choose to have your wedding in Telluride, you will likely face a couple of challenges.

In the peak seasons, there'll be less availability, higher prices, and potentially less-than-ideal weather. On the flip side, a wedding held during one of the shoulder seasons will benefit from lower prices and fewer crowds. Telluride weddings in summer and winter benefit from more flight options, a higher number of open restaurants, and a feeling of excitement in the air. Your accommodations as well as your event space will cost less in spring and fall. In choosing the season for weddings in Telluride, couples need to determine which aspect of their special day is most important to them.



Choosing the Perfect Venue in Telluride

There's a wide range of venue options available in Telluride. From The Peaks Resort in Mountain Village to the Alta Lakes Observatory, and everything in-between, there's something for everyone. One of the first decisions to make is whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue. Remember that permits are often required for any outdoor venue in the National Forest or land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management.

Another option to consider is having your ceremony and reception in one place. This makes it easier for your guests, especially when there's lodging on-site. The best destination weddings find a balance between choosing an amazing locale and providing an easy and enjoyable experience for your guests. Telluride fits the bill.


Vendors and Services


Every wedding relies on the people behind the scenes to pull off a flawless event. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Photographers - Alongside bridal gowns, photography ranks among the most important parts of a couple's wedding day. If you want to ensure that you have beautiful photographs to commemorate your special day, we recommend working with a local, professional photographer. It can be difficult to truly capture the majesty of the scenery surrounding Telluride. Make sure your photos do your big day justice by choosing a photographer that knows how to capture the mountain light and shadows.This is one of the most important decisions in the overall wedding planning process.  


  • Florists - After the bride, the flowers are probably the next most important aspect of any wedding. So many people remember the flowers from a wedding. Floral arrangements are an important part of the wedding theme and decor and are the finishing touch that ties everything together. A local florist can help you source flowers that are local and in season. They'll also help you determine which flowers are right for the elevation and will photograph well. Working with a local florist will ensure that the flowers are as lovely as the bride and that all the floral bouquets and arrangements work well together, fitting with the wedding theme and decor.


  • Caterers - However formal your wedding may be, you'll most likely want to provide some sort of meal for your guests. Outdoor weddings often follow a BBQ or Western theme, while the sky's the limit for catering options available in Telluride. Top-quality caterers provide delicious dishes, many sourced through local farms and ranches. If there's a certain type of cuisine that you have your heart set on, be sure to seek out caterers early. The more lead time you have for booking these vendors and service providers, the better.


  • Wedding Planners - Whenever we hear of someone wanting to plan their wedding in Telluride, we recommend that finding a wedding planner is the first thing they do. Local wedding planners understand the complexities of hosting an event in a seasonal town better than anyone else. You'll be able to rest assured that your planner knows how to take care of everything from sourcing permits to finding the toastiest blankets for your guests' sleigh rides. If you're looking for a magical mountain experience, be sure to hire a weddingplanner that knows Telluride and understands exactly how everything works. Trying to plan a mountain wedding, especially when you live far away, can be challenging, to say the least.  


  • Rehearsal Dinner Locations - One of the best reasons to plan your rehearsal dinner and showers once you get to Telluride is that you and your guests will be able to enjoy even more of this charming mountain town. On-mountain brunches are the perfect way to end the destination wedding experience for your guests. The more events that you choose to plan during your wedding weekend or week, the more Telluride will enrich the experience. Don't shy away from planning numerous activities for your guests to enjoy the dining, shopping, and gallery hopping that downtown Telluride offers.


  • Hair and Makeup Services - Every bride wants tolook their best on their wedding day. Finding the right beauty services that come to you can be a challenge when you host your wedding in the mountains. Most makeup artists and hair stylists in Colorado will travel for weddings. Because of the distance between popular wedding locations, and the limited number of mobile beauty services, it's important to book early. As soon as you decide on the date for your wedding, you'll want to book your hair and makeup team soon after. You and your bridal party will appreciate your forethought!

Telluride is a small town, and finding out about the reliability and professionalism of a certain vendor is as easy as asking a few people. Working with a full-service wedding planner is the best way to ensure that your big day is a huge success.


Telluride Accommodations and Guest Experience

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If you want your guests to experience an authentic visit to Telluride, host them at The New Sheridan Hotel, located right in the heart of town. Snow enthusiasts will love the ski-in and ski-out features of the condos and lodges at Mountain Village. And if you're looking to pamper yourself the night after your wedding, book a suite at the Hotel Columbia to truly feel like a Princess.

There'll be fewer options during the off-season, but what is available at that time will be well-priced. In addition to ski outings, you can book activities for your guests like snowshoeing, fly fishing, hiking, and Jeep tours, depending on the season. A day trip to the nearby town of Ouray will allow your guests the opportunity to soak in the hot springs and visit the nearby vapor caves.


Colorado Marriage License and Legal Requirements

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Telluride is located in San Miguel County, Colorado and the county's marriage requirements are fairly straightforward. Visit the County Clerk and Recorder between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. You can either download the application and fill it out ahead of time, or complete it at the County Clerk's Office. All of the information you need regarding fees, documentation, and paperwork can be found by following the link above.


Telluride Wedding Photography

The weather in Telluride can be unpredictable, to say the least. No matter what time of year you choose for your mountain wedding, you can expect some inclement weather. Snow, blazing sun, wind, rain, and hail have all been known to affect local outdoor weddings. If you've opted for an outdoor wedding, be sure to have a backup plan or at least some foul-weather gear!

Working with a local photographer will ensure that you get the photographic keepsakes you want. If you're going to have a friend or other non-professional photographer handle your photos, it's a good idea to have a few test runs. The light can vary greatly throughout the day. You'll want to know how to handle shadows whenever you're taking photos in the mountains.

The majesty of the landscapes surrounding Telluride can be difficult to capture. We recommend working with a local, professional photographer. It's also a good idea to catch some video footage too.


Local Customs and Traditions

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One of the most popular customs at mountain weddings is for the bride and groom to take a spin on the gondola. Skiing diehards might even take a run or two dressed in their wedding regalia! Other customs include in-town bar crawls with the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests participating. Morning hikes and ski runs for the group are other popular traditions in Telluride. The best part of your Telluride wedding is that this town is the perfect spot for any type of wedding! Create the wedding of your dreams in Telluride.


Budgeting and Planning Timeline

Planning a wedding in Telluride takes about a year of lead time and a healthy budget. To get the best event spaces and lodging, you'll need a year or more of notice during the high season. If you opt for an off-season date, be sure to check that flights are running into Telluride or one of the other regional airports.

Telluride weddings can mean anything from a quick ceremony at a popular and scenic roadside spot to a resort wedding that pulls out all the stops. Whichever type of wedding you have your heart set on, you can bring your magic day to reality when you plan your wedding in Telluride!