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Comprised of a highly intelligent group of well traveled and skilled individuals, Exceptional Stays boasts the most sophisticated team in the industry with experts in hotel management, MBAs, engineering, marketing and computer science. Our team sets us apart from the competition, allowing you to rest easy, having confidence you are in the care of the highest level of professionals. With team members based in each of our choice destinations worldwide, we understand the uniqueness of our local environments and are intimately familiar with each and every home in our portfolio, ensuring the highest level of service available anywhere.

Christina Casas


Natalie Binder

General Manager

Meghan Pittenger

Director of Sales + Marketing

Zoe Dohnal

Sales + Guest Services

Laura Vilá

Spain Manager

Rosario Cabané Bienert

Spain Property Management Officer

Hannah Gui

Spain Sales + Marketing

Lourdes Carbó

Spain Concierge Manager

Renee Badon

Guest Services

Ira Vick

Web Developer

Patrick Meucci

Telluride Operation Manager

Leah Kropuenske

Tellruide Property Manager

James Thorneycroft

Tellruide Property Manager

Ana Marquez

Directors of Housekeeping and Maintenance