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Ana Marquez

Director of Housekeeping and Hyper Clean Initiatives

This pair began in 2006 when Ana and Rene married in Ocean City, Maryland. Originally from Mexico, the pair decided to plant their roots in Telluride to join family and friends. 

Rene has an extensive background in facilities maintenance. When combined with Ana’s vast experience in housekeeping, they form the perfect team! Ana is one of Exceptional Stay’s longest standing employees, and is always on hand to provide knowledge and support to the rest of the operations team. Our 80 plus properties are kept pristine, and our guests always feel at home thanks to their tireless efforts  

Rene and Ana enjoy spending their free time with their 5 year old son, Roberto, and preparing for their new son Ian. (Due in August 2017).  The Exceptional Stay office is fortunate to be on the receiving end of the best Tamales in the world due to Ana’s skills in the kitchen.