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Sampling the local cuisine is always a wonderful part of any vacation, and your taste buds are in for a real treat when your travels take you to enchanting Barcelona, Spain. While you'll have your choice of a great many exceptional restaurants that offer authentic Spanish cuisine, it's also a great idea to participate in the food tours that are readily available throughout the Barcelona. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a vast selection of delectable delights, and these are just a few of the many tour companies that offer some of Barcelona's very best food tours.

Food Lover Tours

This tour company understands that there are many different types of food that make up the unique taste of Spain, and that's why they offer several targeted food tours. Pick your favorite, or you can try them all. These are a few of the tours that you might like to consider.Tapas in Barcelona

  • Market Lover Tour:

    You'll begin this tour with a visit to the market so that you may see where the freshest foods are bought to prepare local dishes. Expect a chance to visit with the owners of food stands that have been in the same family for generations. Afterwards, you'll be treated to a wonderful sit-down meal that includes tapas, local wines and an excellent variety of shared dishes that were all made with foods from the market.

  • Gourmet Lover Tour:

    This private tour takes you among the finest dining opportunities in all of Barcelona. You'll begin with cocktails at one location, move on to a second location for the full tapas experience and end your night with an elegant dining experience at one of the city's most upscale restaurants.

  • Sweets Lover Tour:

    Children and anyone with a sweet tooth will adore this tour. Expect to enjoy such delights as local chocolate, churros, bonbons, gelato, artisan caramels, turron, panellets and carquinyolis.

  • Football Lover Tour:

    True to its name, this tour combines great food and an incredible football game at the Football Club Barcelona. You'll enjoy amazing food at an authentic tapas bar that is filled with pregame excitement before heading out to enjoy an actual game.

Devour Barcelona Food Tours

Learn to eat like the locals during these great foodie tours that combine a pleasant walk with delicious foods and an abundance of wonderful sights, history and culture. These are just a few of the available tours that you may enjoy.Chocolate at the Market Barcelona

  • Tapas, Taverns and History Tour:

    This after-dark tour will take you through the streets of the Gothic Quarter and the El Born District. You'll enjoy the area's most authentic tapas bars, and your guide will uncover all of the secrets that are hidden in these popular areas of the city.

  • Gracia Neighborhood Food and Market Tour:

    Gracia is a hidden gem for foodies, and you'll find friendly locals, marvelous cafes and many authentic bars and food markets. Your guide will take you to 10 full stops, and you'll be treated to an amazing selection of tasty foods and drinks.

Culinary Backstreets Tours

This tour company offers something a little different from the other food tours, and these are a few options that you won't want to miss.Bodega in Barcelona

  • Blessed by the Mediterranean Tour:

    This tour gives visitors the opportunity to explore Barcelona's seaside neighborhoods. Your day will begin with a hearty Catalan breakfast at a local dairy shop, and you'll then visit several traditional markets and food shops. You'll enjoy fresh pastries and tapas throughout the day, and you'll end the tour with a fish or seafood dish that is freshly caught and prepared before your eyes.

  • Bodega Tour:

    A delicious coffee that is liberally spiked with Catalan brandy begins this tour, and you'll then continue on to several upscale bodegas. Expect to enjoy such delights as regional cheeses, tapas, octopus fritters and some incredible, hard-to-find wines from every corner of Spain.

It's a Great Time to Visit Barcelona

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