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Many of the people who visit incredible Barcelona, Spain, come to soak up the vast offerings of history, art and culture that abound in the area, and others want to discover the exceptional beach life on the stunning Mediterranean Sea, sample the world-class dining or experience the famous nightlife options. However, if you're a football enthusiasts, then you also have something wonderful to look forward to during your Barcelona stay. You'll definitely want to make time for the complete Camp Nou Experience before your vacation reaches its end.

About Camp Nou

The Playing Field at Camp Nou StadiumThis impressive football stadium has a seating capacity of over 99,000, and it enjoys the status of being the largest stadium in Spain and all of Europe. It's also considered to be the third largest football stadium of its kind in the entire world. This stadium has served as the home of the popular Football Club Barcelona ever since its completion in 1957, and it has hosted a great many important international events. These include the football portion of the competition at the 1992 Summer Olympics and the 1982 World Cup semi-final match. This five-star stadium is fabulous on its own, but it offers so much more. You'll also find an incredible VIP lounge, a presidential box, a lovely little chapel, press rooms, an area for veteran players, the club museum, several offices for the various club departments and a center for sports medicine. It's no wonder that this stadium attracts millions of visitors each year, and you'll have the opportunity to check it out for yourself.

The Camp Nou Experience

As the most popular tour in all of Barcelona, football fans from all over the world enjoy this excellent experience. Several tour options are available, and you may choose from a guided tour, an audio-guided tour or the very special VIP tour. These are just a few of the many highlights that make this tour famous, and the museum is included in the ticket price.

The Tour

• A 3-D Virtual Experience:

An exciting 10-minute show begins each tour. This allows visitors to see images from some of the most famous football matches, and you'll feel like you're part of the game.

• Visit the Chapel:

The Chapel at Camp Nou StadiumMany of the players use this chapel to pray before each game. It was actually blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1982.

• Take a Walk Through the Tunnel:

If you've ever been to a game, then you've seen the excitement and enthusiasm of the players as they come running out of the tunnel and onto the field to the cheering of their many fans. You'll be able to walk onto the field through this same tunnel, and diehard fans are sure to feel a rush of excitement from this experience.

• The Press Box:

Visit the 29 cabins that are located just above the playing field, and you'll understand how the commentators can see so well that they're able to broadcast every exciting play of the game.

The Museum

• The Historic Section:

Take a journey through the history of the Football Club Barcelona that starts in 1899 and moves right up to the present day. You'll see trophy cups that have been won and many other examples of the club's major victories. You can even have your picture taken holding a championship trophy.

• Collection of Football Art:

The Exterior of the Camp Nou StadiumThis fun section features scores of sporting memorabilia, and you'll see everything from paintings of popular players to retired footballs and uniforms.

• The Changing Exhibition:

There's always something new arriving at this museum. You may see an exhibition about the founder of the Football Club Barcelona one time, and the next visit may offer you a detailed history of the building of this amazing stadium.

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