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The Telluride Ski Pass

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The Telluride Ski Resort

As a premier winter destination for skiers and snowboarders, Telluride Ski Resort has a lot to offer. The resort has a total of 148 runs, 19 ski lifts, and over 2,000 acres of terrain in the snow-covered San Juan Mountains. The area typically gets over 300 inches of snow every winter and offers ski runs and trails for all skill levels. This includes roughly 23% for beginners, 36% for intermediate, and 41% for advanced and expert skiers and snowboarders. New skiers can practice their skills on the Galloping Goose run, while experts can soar down Palmyra Peak or the Black Iron Bowl. Telluride is also known for offering many other winter activities, which attracts even more visitors. The 2023-24 ski season at Telluride Ski Resort runs from November 23, 2023 to April 7, 2024. With so many locals and visitors heading to the resort each season, having a ski pass handy is important. Ski passes allow visitors to skip potentially long lines and go right to the ski lifts to reach various ski runs. Having a season pass or day pass can provide other benefits as well, such as discounts on ski lifts. Purchasing a ski pass can also help visitors save money compared to the cost of purchasing tickets each time they want to ski or snowboard.


Telluride Season Passes

A Telluride ski pass that’s good for the entire season is a great option for those who live in or near the area and plan on skiing frequently. These passes allow visitors to ski as much as they want without having to purchase a day pass each time. Buying these passes ahead of time means visitors can head right to the slopes instead of waiting in line at the ticket window. Unlimited and limited season passes are available for purchase on the Telluride Ski Resort website. A limited Telluride season pass has restricted dates of Dec. 26, 2023 to Jan. 2, 2024, Jan. 13, 2024 to Jan. 15, 2024, and Feb. 17, 2024 to Feb. 19, 2024. Unlimited season passes do not have restricted dates or black-out dates. Prices on unlimited Telluride season passes are $2,460 for adults aged 25 to 64, $540 for kids aged 6 to 12, $900 for kids aged 13 to 18, $1,630 for seniors aged 65 to 79, $25 for kids 5 and under, $1,400 for adults aged 19 to 24, and free for adults aged 80 and up. Pass insurance for season pass holders is available for ages 6 and up. Insurance ranges from $38 to $175. No reservations are required for season passes and multi-day passes. Those who have these passes go right to the lift for access to the mountain. Limited season passes and multi-day passes can be upgraded to unlimited season passes before opening day. After opening day, this upgrade is no longer available. Telluride Ski Resort has a one season pass per person limit. 


Day Passes for the Telluride Ski Resort

For those who only plan on going to Telluride for a vacation, day passes offer a good option compared to season passes. Telluride Ski Resort offers day passes that can be used for multiple days. These passes include discounted lift access, no black-out dates, and no restrictions. Options include the T-Card for ages 13 and up, the 6-day pass for ages 19 and up, 10-day passes for ages 19 and up, and the Telluride Military Card for uniformed services and immediate household family members. Prices are $145 for the T-Card, $860 for the 6-day pass, $1,240 for the 10-day pass, and $120 for the military card. Pass insurance for the 10-day pass is also available for an additional $87. Visitors can purchase reloadable daily lift tickets, which start at $165. Day pass holders receive 20% off Direct-to-Lift access. Note that Telluride Ski Resort isn’t offering afternoon half-day tickets this season. Visitors can purchase multi-day passes and daily lift tickets at Telluride Ski Resort’s website. Vail Resorts offers another day pass option with the Epic Pass, a multi-resort season pass with unlimited access to several ski resorts in the U.S. and other countries. For the 2023/2024 season, this pass also includes seven days at Telluride Ski Resort for skiing and snowboarding. When all seven days are used, pass holders can get 50% off lift tickets. The Epic Pass costs $949 for ages 13 and up and $483 for kids aged 5 through 12. Visitors can purchase passes on the Epic Pass website.


Telluride Mountain Rules and Restrictions

To make ski and snowboarding go as safely and smoothly as possible, Telluride Ski Resort has rules and regulations. These include a Responsibility Code for all skiers and snowboarders to follow. The code includes rules, such as always staying in control, giving people downhill or ahead the right of way, and looking uphill before going downhill or getting onto a trail. Telluride mountain rules also include staying off of closed trails and areas, obeying all warnings, hazard markings, and signs, and being able to load, ride, and unload ski lifts safely. Telluride Ski Resort regulations also prohibit the use of certain devices on lifts and trails at all times, including sleds, snowmobiles, tubes, snow scooters, drones, fat tire bikes, and toboggans. Certain devices are allowed, including snowboards, alpine/telemark skis, ski boards, ski bikes on detachable lifts, and mono skis. Dogs aren’t allowed on any ski lifts or trails during operating hours, although well-behaved dogs are allowed with their owners after operating hours. Telluride Ski Resort also has a Safety Program that includes public education and consequences for those who engage in reckless skiing or snowboarding. Consequences can include having resort privileges suspended for a certain amount of time or the entire season. To keep guests safe, Telluride Ski Resort also encourages visitors to visit the Colorado Avalanche Information Center to learn more about identifying potentially hazardous areas and conditions. Visitors are also expected to follow the resort’s uphill access rules, which include permitted activities, times, and area restrictions.