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The Magic of Telluride in the Winter

Slopes covered with sparkling snow, an impressive variety of ski runs, and scenic surroundings in the San Juan Mountains make Telluride a top winter sports destination. Skiers of every skill level come to Telluride each winter to hit the slopes, from the gentle Prospect Bowl for beginners to the daring Gold Hill Chutes for experts. Telluride Ski Resort has over 2,000 skiable acres to explore, a total of 148 ski trails, and a vertical drop of 4,425 feet. There’s a good mix of trails for beginners, intermediate skiers, and expert or advanced skiers. Most are available via ski lift access, while others involve a bit of hiking to the trail head. Telluride also offers other exciting winter sports, including snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice skating. The town has many amenities as well, such as restaurants, shops, spas, and much more. Those who plan on spending time skiing in Telluride can easily make sure they have everything needed for a fun and safe experience. Local shops sell Telluride winter gear and offer equipment and gear to rent. These ski rental services provide a great solution for those who don’t want to lug skis and other equipment around while traveling to and from the area. Visitors can purchase winter clothing and other items in town or stock up beforehand in order to stay warm and dry on the slopes. Find out more about Telluride winter equipment and gear, including where to rent skis, why ski rental insurance is important, and how to dress for skiing.


Telluride Ski Rentals

Being able to rent skis in Telluride offers a convenient option for visitors. Outdoor equipment and ski shops in Telluride provide ski rental services, where visitors can rent the gear needed for skiing or other winter activities. Visitors can also use a ski rental delivery service in order to have rental equipment brought right to their accommodations. Several Telluride ski rentals are available in the downtown area. Bootdoctors has a location on Mountain Village Boulevard and another location on South Oak Street. Demo, premium, and sports ski rental packages with skis, poles, and boots are available for adults and kids. Visitors can also rent ski boots or skis only. Telluride Sports offers ski rentals at several locations, including Gondola Plaza, Peaks Resort, Camel’s Garden, Franz Klammer, and Cimarron Lodge. Options include a premium ski package for advanced intermediate and expert skiers, a performance ski package for intermediate and advanced intermediate skiers, and a sport ski package for beginners. A kids ski package is also available. Visitors can include a helmet and boots with their rental if needed. Telluride Nordic Center in the Town Park Pavilion offers ski rentals for one day or multiple days. Options include ski packages for adults and kids, skis only, or boots only. Ski rental delivery services in Telluride include Ski Butlers and Black Tie. Customers can easily order rental equipment online. Ski Butlers offers high-performance boot upgrades, goggles, and helmets as add-ons. Black Tie offers high-quality skis and ski boots from major brands, such as Nordica, Blizzard, and K2 Sports.


Ski Rental Insurance in Telluride

Skiing comes with a risk of accidents and injuries, even for expert skiers. For those renting ski equipment, there’s also a risk of damaging it and having to pay for repairs or replacements. For example, skiers might get into an accident or collision that ends up causing minor or major damage to a ski pole or both skis. While ski rental insurance in Telluride is mainly for business owners who rent this type of equipment to customers, visitors can benefit from knowing more about it. Some shops ask customers to sign a waiver that includes an assumption of risk and release of liability. This means that those renting the equipment acknowledge the risk of injuries and accidents and won’t hold the shop responsible for anything that happens. Customers might have an option to sign a damage waiver, which helps cover the cost of accidental damage to ski equipment. Those who choose not to sign this type of waiver typically have to cover the entire cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment. Since this can be costly, visitors should sign a damage waiver if one is offered. Keep in mind that the damage included in these waivers is usually accidental only. Using ski rental equipment incorrectly or unsafely can void this kind of coverage.


Winter Clothing Tips for Your Telluride Trip

Staying dry and warm is essential for a ski trip in Telluride. Temperatures can plummet, and snowy conditions can lead to damp or wet clothing that puts skiers at risk of hypothermia and frostbite. Dressing appropriately for skiing helps protect against cold, wet conditions on the slopes. Winter clothing tips include dressing in layers. This includes thin layers of insulated clothing rather than bulky layers that make it hard to ski safely. Ideally, visitors should bring one or more waterproof ski jackets, a couple pairs of waterproof ski pants, a waterproof snowsuit, wool or fleece sweaters, non-cotton base layer tops and bottoms, and a fleece or down vest for insulation. Other clothing items to bring include ski gloves or mittens that are insulated and waterproof, a warm winter hat or ski helmet, wool ski socks, ski boots, and a neck gaiter. Those who plan on hitting the slopes can put on a base layer top and bottoms first, then a light fleece or wool top or sweater. After this, add ski pants and a ski jacket, socks, gloves or mittens, a helmet or hat, neck gaiter, and goggles. All of these layers help cover skin to minimize exposure to the cold, while also providing added warmth and protection from moisture. This helps lower the risk of frostbite and hypothermia and ensures a safe and comfortable ski experience.  Several shops have winter clothing in Telluride available for purchase. Visitors can also rent certain items, such as a helmet and ski boots, instead of buying them.