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09/21/2018 - 11:00am to 09/24/2018 - 6:00pm

Also known as the Grape Throwing Festival, Festa des Vermar is a popular annual event that is held over several days during the end of September in the village of Binissalem on Spain's gorgeous island of Mallorca. This is a super fun festival that concentrates on all things related to grapes and wine, and it draws people from all around the globe for days and nights filled with fun and exciting activities and events. Everyone is welcome to participate in the festivities, and it's a great time of the year to schedule the perfect Mallorca vacation.

A Bit of History

Binissalem is quite famous for its incredible wines, and this festival began as a celebration of the grape harvest way back in Roman times. Strange as it may seem, those early festivals also served as a fun way to get rid of the grapes that weren't good enough to go into the wines. The townspeople gathered together, armed themselves with bad grapes and had a blast playing grape wars with their friends, family members and neighbors. That's a little something you can still enjoy during this festival, so be prepared to get messy at what is literally the only grape- throwing event in the entire world.

The Grape Battle

This fun event is probably what draws in the most people, and you'll definitely want to join the hundreds of others who are eager to get this grape-throwing free-for-all party started. It begins in the village square with the firing of a rocket, and that's your signal to run out into the field and start grabbing handfuls of grapes from the huge heap on the ground. From there, the grape attack goes on until every last participant is covered in grape pieces and juices and not a single grape is left to throw.

Grape Stomping

Come see what your feet can do in the grape-stomping contest. Grab a few partners, and you'll compete with other groups who are also standing barefoot in their own vat of grapes. You'll have only a few minutes to see how much juice you can squeeze out of your grapes, and the prize goes to the group who creates the most juice.

Wine TastingsCouple Toasting with Wine Glasses in a Vineyard

The local winemakers take great pride in their wines, so it's only natural to offer tastings of several different wines that have been made on the island. Expect to enjoy a taste of wines from various past years as well as new wines that were made from the latest harvest.

Traditional Outdoor Supper

A celebratory supper goes along with a successful wine harvest, and you'll definitely want to get a taste of the Fideus de Vermar. This is a famously delicious local dish that showcases fideua noodles with perfectly spiced slow-cooked lamb, and it's available at a large outdoor supper during the festival.

A Special Delicacy

Only in Mallorca is the Manto Negro grown, and this special grape is the secret behind the island's incredible wines. During the festival, you'll get a taste of this unique grape both in the wine and as part of a tasty dessert.

Other Festival Highlights

You can expect a huge street party pretty much every night of the festival, and other highlights include a large heritage parade that boasts colorful costumes, brilliant historical floats and plenty of folk dancing and songs. You'll also have the chance to join in the fire runs with plenty of fireworks being set off and see some incredible fire-dance performances. Food vendors, street performers and live music round out the perfect festival experience.