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An idyllic island getaway in a luxury vacation villa rentalĀ is something that most everyone has dreamed about, and you certainly couldn't pick a more perfect island than gorgeous Ibiza. Many Barcelona visitors take the ferry over to Ibiza to enjoy all that it has to offer because there's something truly wonderful for everyone. The island is home to several stunning beaches, and you'll have a choice of busy beaches that are lined with wonderful shops, bars and restaurants or quiet, sandy beaches that are beautifully surrounded by tree-filled hills.

Ibiza is also renowned for its amazing nightlife, and you'll discover a wonderful variety of dance clubs and discos that are outposts of major European nightclubs. That means you can count on a fun atmosphere that allows you to party the night away. Other incredible activities include yoga retreats, horseback riding, boat tours and an abundance of scenic walking areas that will take you along the seaside and through quaint villages. Scroll down below to see some of the incredible luxury vacation villasĀ in Ibiza that we have to offer.