Mountain Biking in Telluride

Mountain Biking in Telluride

Telluride's Mountain Biking Guide

Tucked away in the San Juan Mountains, Telluride provides a wide range of scenic mountain biking trails to impress any biker. Beginners can get used to riding a mountain bike on the Gold Bug Loop. Expert bikers can explore mining roads and enjoy the challenges of the area’s most difficult trails. For those in between, the area offers tons of mountain biking trails with moderate difficulty levels. No matter which trails you ride on, you’ll have stunning views of the mountains all around. Some areas also offer picturesque settings for biking, including flowery meadows and tree-filled groves.


Telluride’s variety of mountainous and hilly terrain makes it a top destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. From leisurely summer rides in the shade to thrilling winter rides through snow, this mountain town is a perfect setting for those who love to explore natural surroundings on two wheels. To help you make the most of your time in Telluride, we’ll walk you through the best bike trails, bike rentals, safety tips, and much more. Keep the following information on mountain biking in Telluride in mind when planning your trip.



The Telluride Bike Park

Telluride Bike Park has been a big draw for mountain bikers of all skill and experience levels since it opened in 2019. The park was built purposely to give mountain biking enthusiasts designated trails to ride on in an easily accessible location. In fact, visitors can ride the free gondola or the Village Express Lift 4 chairlift to reach the trails. This central location in downtown Telluride offers a convenient way for mountain bikers to hit the trails as often as possible during vacation.


Telluride Bike Park features 23 mountain biking trails, including free ride, technical, and cross-country/multi-use trails. Free ride trails are wide and include modified or enhanced terrain, such as bridges and jumps.

  • Easiest: Tommyknocker and Gold Bug Loop
  • Moderate: Shift Boss, Ore Hopper, and Ore Hopper Connector
  • Expert: La Cura



Technical trails are narrow and include natural features, such as logs and rocks. Some also have bridges and other manmade features. Some technical trails have one-way travel, while others have two-way travel.

  • Moderate: No-Brainer and Scrubber
  • Expert: Cocoa Loco, Gold Rush, Killer Bee, Pan-Coaster, Panic Bar, T-Bone, USB, and World Cup



Cross-country/multi-use trails are designed for mountain bikers, as well as hikers, horseback riders, and others. Technical and free ride trails are strictly for mountain bikes.

  • Easiest: Russell
  • Moderate: Basin, Big Billie’s, Boulevard, Short Loop, Jurassic, Meadows, Sheridan, and Village
  • Expert: Boomerang, Prospect, See Forever, and Wasatch Connection


Telluride Bike Park also has several amenities to ensure safe and fun riding for visitors. These include mountain bike and equipment rentals, such as full face helmets, as well as equipment repairs. The park also offers camps, clinics, and private guides to teach people how to ride or how to do certain maneuvers on mountain bikes, such as jumps.


Must-Try Bike Trails in Telluride

With so many bike trails available, knowing which ones to include in your itinerary can be tough. The following are some of the top mountain bike trails in Telluride:



Bridal Veil Falls Trail

This trail is ideal for moderate or advanced mountain bikers. With an elevation gain of 1,368 feet and a total length of 4.8 miles, bikers can look forward to enjoying incredible views of Bridal Veil Falls and the surrounding forests.


Jud Wiebe Memorial Trail

Jud Wiebe Memorial Trail is a challenging trail that’s suitable for expert mountain bikers. The trail has an elevation gain of 1,110 feet and runs for 3.2 miles in a loop. Mountain bikers can take in stunning views of the ski slopes and town on this steep trail.


See Forever to Wasatch Connection to Bear Creek

Located close to the gondola in the town center, this trail is a moderately difficult one with a total length of 9.2 miles. An elevation gain of 1,768 and steep downhill areas on the way back to town offer an exciting ride with views of Revelation Bowl, Bear Creek, and other areas.


Village Trail

Village Trail, which starts at the Station St. Sophia Gondola terminal, offers a mostly easygoing trail for moderately experienced mountain bikers. The trail has an elevation gain of just 180 feet and runs for a total of 3.6 miles. Bikers can ride past spruce and aspen trees, while admiring western mountain views.


Galloping Goose Trail

Galloping Goose Trail provides a great way to see historic sites, including a train trestle and parts of an old railway. This trail is fairly easy, although beginners should be aware that it has some steep drop-offs. The trail runs for 5.5 miles and has an elevation gain of 577 feet.


Telluride Mountain Bike Rentals

Telluride makes it easy for visitors to go mountain biking without having to bring bikes from home. The town has mountain bike rental shops that offer a convenient way to rent mountain bikes, helmets, body armor, and other equipment. Among these shops, Bootdoctors and Telluride Sports’ Gondola Plaza location are right near Telluride Bike Park. Box Canyon Bicycles and Easy Rider Bike & Sport are located in downtown Telluride close to Jud Wiebe Memorial Trail, Bear Creek Trail, and other bike trails.




Telluride Sports

  • Gondola Plaza location: 562 Mountain Village Blvd.
  • 970-728-8944
  • The Camels Garden location: 302 W. San Juan Ave.
  • 970-728-3134
  • Basic, deluxe, and comprehensive bike tuning services
  • Full suspension and mountain bikes in Gondola Plaza
  • Full suspension, path-bike, and children’s bikes in Camels Garden

Easy Rider Bike & Sport


Box Canyon Bicycles

  • 300 W. Colorado Ave.
  • 970-728-2946
  • Year-round bike rentals
  • Adult and children’s bikes
  • Full suspension, cruisers, E-bikes, carbon fiber road bikes, and gravel bikes


Mountain Biking Safety and Preparation

Mountain biking in Telluride is a memorable experience, but make sure it’s also a safe one. Riding through rugged terrain or down steep roads comes with certain risks. Wearing protective gear and ensuring that your mountain bike is tuned up can help reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Helmets are required while riding on any bike trail in Telluride Bike Park. Recommended safety gear for added protection includes eye protection, gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, biker shorts, and closed-toe shoes with a good grip.



Mountain bikes should have brakes that have good stopping power, especially in downhill areas. Disc brakes are recommended, while rim brakes are not. Mountain bikes with coaster brakes aren’t allowed in Telluride Bike Park.

Bring a basic repair kit along with you, so you can easily and quickly make repairs along the trails. Pack plenty of water and snacks, especially if you plan to ride on any of the area’s longer trails. Conditions on trails can change from day to day, so plan accordingly. After storms or rain, expect trails to be more slippery than usual. Always check trail conditions before heading out.



Best Times to Mountain Bike in Telluride

A Telluride mountain bike vacation is ideal in almost any season, depending on your preferences. Note that Telluride Bike Park opens in early June and stays open through early October. If you visit in the off-season, plan on exploring the area’s other trails outside the park.


Late spring offers beautiful views as flowers and trees start to bloom. Keep in mind that trails can be muddy from rainy spring days and the last of the melting snow.


Summer is often the busiest time of year on mountain biking trails in Telluride. Warm temperatures offer a comfortable riding experience, while leafy trees provide shade on hotter days. Wildflowers are in full bloom in summer, making rides even more scenic. Check weather, since summer storms can pop up from time to time. Biking events also take place in summer, including the Telluride Gravel Race in early June and the Telluride 100 Mountain Bike Race in early July.



During fall, mountain biking provides a great way to enjoy the canopy of colorful trees, including golden aspens. Fall weather tends to be cooler for those who prefer avoiding the summer heat and crowds. The Mountains to the Desert Classic, which starts out in Telluride, takes place in late September.



Winter might just be the most exciting time for mountain biking in Telluride. Riding on snowy trails and seeing the mountains in their full winter splendor makes this season a thrilling time to visit. Check weather conditions before hitting the trails, so you can avoid being caught in a snowstorm or heavy snowfall.