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Our Tulum Villas are the perfect spot for your private wellness retreat. Our relationships with experienced yoga and massage therapists offer the perfect combination of relaxing at home while we bring the spa to you. Allow our team to book the perfect spa day… Imagine your day begins with a morning meditation and light brunch. After a walk on the beach and a dip in the ocean, your massage therapist will offer afternoon appointments. End your day of bliss with a relaxing yoga session and specially prepared meal catered to your preferences. If you're up for venturing away from the home, you may also want to try out a few exceptional spa treatments while you’re in Tulum that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else, and there are some fun workout options to keep you dedicated to your regular exercise routine or get you started on a new path to fitness. These are just a very few of the excellent health and wellness options that you’ll discover in and near Tulum.

Animamente Spa

A little different from your spa back home, Animamente Spa is run by a certified master of Ayurveda-based massage and therapy. The most popular healing treatment offered here is the bio-energetic therapeutic massage, which promises to address every area of the body in order to promote overall physical, mental and emotional wellness. You may also enjoy the Hawaiian lomi lomi massage enhanced by Ayurveda techniques, or you may prefer the special massage that guarantees to send all of your stress far away. Appointments with Marco, who is considered a great healer by many, are available by appointment only, and it’s a good idea to book this service long before you arrive in Tulum.

Tribal Yoga

Running on beach in TulumSeveral yoga professionals may be found at this lovely studio that absolutely exudes peace and tranquility. A wonderful variety of classes are held all seven days of the week, and these include Pilates, Yin yoga, Hatha yoga and rhythm flow just to name a few. Tribal Yoga also regularly schedules special events that include children’s yoga, a free dive experience in the Caribbean Sea that includes yoga and meditation and a yoga and writing escape that allows participants to dig deep to bring out their best creative writing skills. You’re always welcome to attend a class if it’s not already full, but advance reservations are recommended.

Tulum Jungle Gym

Come work out at the beach all seven days of the week between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and you’ll find a nice selection of wood or stone free weights to choose from as well as more traditional exercise equipment that includes medicine balls and kettle bells. One-hour classes for men and women are held throughout the day with no need for early registration, and these include beach body boot camp, jungle gym circuit and booty boot camp. Private training classes are also offered for those who want to work on specific areas of the body, and personalized fitness retreats are available as well with advance registration.

Kaze Therapy Space

True Japanese-style massage is provided here by Reiki master and trained CT therapist, Mari Nagatani, and the special energy therapy is fabulous for anyone who wants to feel better and be able to enjoy more activities during their time in Tulum. Treatments are personalized to suit the unique needs of each client, and special classes are also offered, which include Reiki, Chakra and Kundalini. Kaze Therapy Space is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and reservations are required.

Mayan Clay Spa and Bathhouse

Mayan Clay MassageAmazing relaxation and healing therapies are available for individuals, couples or entire groups at the Mayan Clay Spa and Bathhouse, and you are in for a very special treat. Choose a session that lasts for one hour, 90 minutes, two hours or even three full hours, and you may enjoy a full-body massage with Mayan clay along with facials that leave your face smooth and free of lines, hair treatments that provide a shiny, strong head of hair and a full-body sea-salt bath for the ultimate in exfoliation.

Other spa offerings include the relaxing prenatal massage for expecting mothers, full fruit-infused body wraps, Swedish oil massage, hands, feet and scalp massage and a time of rest after your treatment with a delicious herbal fruit tea and some comfortable time on king-size hammock beds that gently rock you to sleep in the lovely jungle setting. Advance reservations are required.

Reserve Your Spot Today

There are so many wonderful health and relaxation treatments to indulge yourself in here in Tulum, and you don’t want to find out everything is booked after you’ve already arrived for your vacation. Those lodging with us here at Exceptional Stays won’t have to worry about that because our dedicated concierge team will make sure that you’re booked for the services available at any of the above establishments. Just let us know what you may be interested in when you make your reservations for your Tulum luxury vacation villa rental, and we’ll take care of everything.