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People from all around the globe regularly converge on stunning Punta Mita, Mexico, for an exquisite tropical-vacation experience. Thanks to perfect air and water temperatures all year long, you can enjoy a number of popular outdoor pursuits that include surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and world-class golf at any time. However, if you would like to visit Punta Mita during the spectacular whale migration season, then you'll want to plan your vacation for any time between early December and late March or early April. You'll have the opportunity to see immense pods of humpback whales in the clear waters that surround Punta Mita, and here are a few of the area's top tour companies that will provide you with an excellent whale-watching adventure.   

Punta Mita Adventures

This popular company is unique in that it utilizes a spotter plane to track the whales from above. The pilot is easily able to find the places where the whales congregate, and this information is then passed on to your guide so that you can be assured of enjoying a time of actual whale watching rather than just waiting and hoping. Professional guides will take you out across lovely Banderas Bay in an all-weather, inflatable speedboat to enjoy a Whale-Watching Photo Safari. This program promises a safe, comfortable ride and the opportunity to see whales breaching the water, tending to their young and swimming right up next to the boat. You'll definitely want to bring your camera because plenty of once-in-a-lifetime shots will be available.

Whale Breach Fin

Each guide is also a marine-mammal behavior expert, and he or she will be happy to tell you more about whales and answer all of your questions. Guests will each be provided with snacks, bottled water and a good pair of hydrophones, which will allow you to listen to the lovely song of the whales from beneath the water. Everyone age 6 and up is welcome to enjoy this adventure of a lifetime.

Punta Mita Expeditions

Embark on an exciting 3-hour tour with an experienced, local naturalist as your guide. You'll enjoy a comfortable boat ride across the clear waters of Banderas Bay, and those who don't want to be out in the sun may watch the whales from the shade that is provided by the boat's canopy top. Your boat is equipped with a quality hydrophone system that broadcasts the whale sounds from underneath the water, and snacks and beverages are available throughout the tour. This company sends out several spotting boats that are each run by an expert in whale behavior. Your tour boat will receive constant updates from the spotter boats that will allow you to be directly transported to wherever the whales happen to be at that moment. This practice makes the sighting of whales highly probable, and you'll definitely want to bring your camera along.   In addition to offering you some fun facts about whales and their behaviors, your guide will also snap great pictures of you that capture your reaction to seeing whales in the wild for the first time. Your friends and family members are sure to enjoy seeing these wonderful images when you return home from your Punta Mita vacation.

Ocean Friendly Tours

Whale Jumping

Join professional oceanographers and naturalists for a splendid whale-watching tour. This company was recently rated as the most responsible tour provider in the area, and you can rest easy knowing that the safety of the whales and the passengers is a top priority during every tour. You can also be confident that these professionals know how to find the whales so that you may watch and enjoy them. You may choose from five special Ocean Friendly tours that are designed to satisfy every visitor. Tours run from 4.5 hours to 5.5 hours, or you may choose a completely personalized tour with a time span of your choice. Regardless of which tour that you choose, you'll be comfortable aboard a 27-foot vessel with an open-deck plan, restroom facilities and a state-of-the-art hydrophone system that allows you to listen to whale vocalizations. A delicious lunch is provided to those who choose a morning departure, and all guests are provided with fresh fruit, snacks, purified water and soft drinks throughout the tour. Be sure to ask about gluten-free options and any special food needs when you reserve your spot.

It's Not Too Early to Book Your Trip to Punta Mita

While the whales won't make their yearly visit to our area until December, this is still the perfect time to start making your vacation plans. Just contact us here at Exceptional Stays today, and you can enjoy choosing from our wide selection of exquisite luxury villas for your stay. We're also happy to help you make arrangements for a special whale-watching adventure with any of these tour companies.