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Visitors from all over the world head to gorgeous Punta Mita, Mexico, for everything that this wonderful tropical hot spot has to offer, but there are certain people that can't wait to get here for just one excellent reason. Just mention Punta Mita to all of your friends who are serious fishing enthusiasts, and you are bound to see their eyes glaze over as they begin to dream about enjoying Mexico's amazing deep-sea fishing opportunities.

Incredible Variety of Fish

Fish Jumping Out of the Ocean  Punta Mita may be the hottest tropical vacation destination to be found, but it's also a fishing community to its local inhabitants. There's a reason that this is the way that the locals make their living, and it's simply because the fishing is absolutely amazing all year around. A huge variety of enormous game fish and other great catches can be found off the shores of Punta Mita, and these are a few of the most popular:

  • Rainbow runners
  • Amberjack
  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Red snapper
  • Wahoo
  • Sailfish
  • Blue, black and striped marlin
  • Roosterfish
  • Bonito
  • Shark
  • Dorado (mahi mahi)
  • Grouper
  • Mackerel 

Fishing Your Way

Those who come to Punta Mita for the fishing are able to choose a variety of ways to reel in their big catch. You may want to stick to one of these options, or you are welcome to enjoy them all.

  • Spear Fishing: Many visitors choose to combine their love of free diving with some exciting spear fishing. This is a great hands-on experience, and special expeditions can easily be set up to ensure that you are taken to the best and safest fishing spots.
  • Fish From the Beach: This is a favorite morning activity of both locals and visitors. If you don't want to go out on a boat, then you can simply enjoy fishing from the beach.
  • Fish in the Bay: You don't have to leave the bay area to pull in some excellent fish. Pangas are always available to take visitors out for a half- or full-day trip. The locals welcome visitors to share their best fishing spot that is located just three miles offshore. There you will find the very best fly-fishing experience if you are interested in fishing for dorado.
  • Fish in the Deep Sea: Excellent deep-sea fishing expeditions depart from Punta Mita on a regular basis. You will have the opportunity to journey out to where the water is deepest, and you can thoroughly enjoy your opportunity to haul in that incredible catch of a lifetime.

Simple Planning Tips for the Perfect Fishing Trip

  • Make Your Reservations Early: Due to the popularity of the deep-sea fishing expeditions, you will want to make sure your reservations are locked in long before your arrival. can help you set up reservations with the very best boats and crews.
  • Understand Your Fishing Trip Package: To avoid the frustration of owing money at the end of your trip, you will want to arrange for a fishing trip package that includes everything with your upfront payment. This should include a day's use of the boat, captain and crew, fishing equipment and license, bait and tackle, food, drinks and ice, all tips for the crew and any required taxes.
  • Be Prepared: Deep-sea fishing is a fun activity, but it can also require a lot of energy. You want to arrive rested and refreshed because some of these fish will fight you for hours. Make sure to drink plenty of water while you fish, and you should bring a sun hat, plenty of sun block and a good lip balm.
  • Catch and Release: While some types of fish may be retained, the catch and release policy is highly encouraged by most fishing boat charters. You should bring your camera, and you can have pictures taken with your great catch before you release it.

Stay With Us Between Fishing Trips

At Exceptional Stays, we can set you up in one of our rental luxury villas to come back to when you aren't fishing. We can even offer you a personal chef to prepare any catches that you may bring home. Make your reservations today.