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How to get around in Mountain Village

Getting around Mountain Village is an important part of enjoying the beauty of Telluride and having fun during your travels or vacation stay. It’s easy to navigate the area with a little bit of preparation. There are also multiple ways to get from Telluride Airport to Mountain Village and then explore the area once you’re there. 

Depending on where you’re coming from and the specific activities you have planned, there may be some ways that are better than others for traveling into the area and then moving around once you’re there. 

Understanding the options you have, how they all work, and which ones will provide you with the biggest benefits will help enhance your vacation experience in this gorgeous location. Here’s what you need to know for the best trip.

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Where is Mountain Village?


Mountain Village is in Colorado, in the Mountain Time Zone. With Colorado’s location north of New Mexico and south of Wyoming, it’s near the middle of the country but slightly more to the west. That makes it a great place for warm, comfortable summers and cold, snowy winters.

Telluride is found in the southwest corner of Colorado, close to Utah, which borders the state to the west. The location is relatively remote, making it a great vacation spot for people who want to unplug for a while and spend time in nature.

If you’re looking for quaint vacation rentals with a Victorian feel, along with small shops and cafes, Telluride can be the right option. You can enjoy the local scene, stay out late at night, and be in the heart of things when there are festivals in town.

Mountain Village is different from Telluride in that it offers larger and more private vacation rental experiences, along with great access to skiing in the wintertime and the golf course during the summer months.


Mountain Village Map


For anyone interested in Mountain Village, a map can really help determine the kinds of things in the area and the options to explore. A good Mountain Village map means less chance of missing out on something you want to see or enjoy. 

You can also use the map to look for the right vacation rentals for your needs, so you can easily see where they’re located. Then you can choose the ones that are closest to the golf course or ski trails if that’s your main focus, or seek out other options that are further away if you’re looking for additional privacy. 



Telluride Hiking Trail Map


  • A Telluride hiking trail map is another important piece of information when you’re coming to visit in the summer months. Getting out and exploring the area can show you some of the best that Telluride has to offer when the weather is warm and inviting.


Telluride Ski Resort Map


  • Heading to the area in the winter for skiing? You’ll want a Telluride ski resort map you can rely on to show you the best and most enjoyable trails for your skill level. Being able to get around the resort and find everything you need enhances your experience. 


Map of Telluride Region


  • Depending on what else you plan to do while visiting, you may want to explore other areas of San Miguel County. There’s a lot to see in this part of the state, especially if you like nature exploration throughout the various seasons of the year.


Telluride Airport to Mountain Village


getting to Mountain Village

If you’re looking to follow your Telluride and Mountain Village map for some great vacation experiences, the first thing you’ll want to do is make your way from the airport in Telluride to Mountain Village. 

Telluride and Mountain Village are only about a 17-minute car ride apart, making it convenient to visit them both during your stay. Whichever one you choose for your overnight accommodations, you can have peace of mind knowing you can visit the other one easily.

You can get from Telluride Airport to Mountain Village in just under 15 minutes via Airport Rd and CO-145. If you’re coming from Montrose Airport, you can expect about 1.5 hours of travel time by car and a little over six hours in the car if you’re headed to Mountain Village from Denver.


Getting to Mountain Village


To get to Mountain Village from the airport in Telluride, you can expect an easy trip. Head out on Airport Rd. and take CO-145 South. It will take you right into Mountain Village. If you’re coming from further away, though, you’ll want to plan for a longer trip and more twists and turns.

Coming from Denver, for example, you can get to Mountain Village by taking US Hwy 285 S and US-50 W. You can also just choose a straighter route on US-50 W, but you’ll have a longer trip that way. You can get to Mountain Village from Montrose via US-550 S and CO-62 W. 

Getting to Mountain Village from the ski lifts is easy when you take the Gondola. Skiers and boarders will need a lift ticket to use the gondola, but the cabins are free to the public. You can get some great views during the trip, and relax after your skiing adventure.

To get to the hiking trails from Mountain Village, the gondola is also a great choice. You can ride in comfort and choose the Station San Sophia exit to get to the trails. There are also numerous other trails in the area that you can explore from Mountain Village or Telluride just by walking to them, but the gondola offers direct access to some of the best.


Telluride & Mountain Village Gondola


The gondola operates between Telluride and Mountain Village, and the entire ride takes only 13 minutes. It’s free for the public to access anytime it’s running. If you have a disability, are pushing a stroller, or need other accommodations, the operator can slow the gondola to help you board safely. Well-behaved pets on leashes are also allowed to ride the gondola.

Pet cabins and accessible cabins are separate from the other cabins on the gondola, to make the ride as safe and convenient as possible for everyone involved. Nearly three million people ride the gondola every year. During the winter months, a condensed cabin option called the chondola operates with a maximum of four passengers per cabin for the ski lifts.

The gondola operates at 10,500 feet, offering breathtaking views and a 1,750-foot elevation change during the trip. The gondola is typically open in the winter and summer and may close briefly during spring and fall for maintenance.

telluride mountain village gondola


Telluride Mountain Village Gondola Schedule


The gondola operates from 6:30 am until midnight, every day. From December 16 through April 2, hours are extended on Fridays and Saturdays until 2 am. After April 2 the gondola will shut down for maintenance, reopening on May 25 for the summer season. Then it will close again on October 15th and reopen for winter on November 18th.

The gondola hours may be extended for holidays, and the gondola may also unexpectedly close for severe weather or during a power outage since electricity is needed to operate it. Riding in the gondola can be an amazing adventure, along with a convenient way to get between Mountain Village and Telluride.


Mountain Village Parking 


There are both free and paid parking options in Mountain Village. The free parking options are further from the town center, while paid options are closer to the action. Additionally, some free parking choices may be for limited times, depending on the season. 

While parking is often readily accessible, especially in the free areas further from downtown, there are times during the busy seasons when parking can be more challenging. There are also two garages that allow for overnight parking, as well as long-term parking at the airport.

You can use the Parkmobile app to pay for your parking or extend your parking at the Gondola Parking Garage, Heritage Parking Garage, and North Village Center Lot. 

Telluride has many similar options, with park-and-ride, free parking, and paid parking choices throughout town. The largest area for free parking is the Carhenge Parking Lot, which is a 10-minute walk from downtown, but there’s no overnight parking available there.

The Gondola Parking Garage is the best place in Mountain Village to park near the gondola station. It’s behind Market Plaza and is open from 6:30 am to 2 am. Parking is free, and there are 460 available spaces.


Mountain Village Transportation


Mountain Village Gondola

Getting around in Mountain Village is easy, even if you don’t have a car. If you want to avoid driving, or you just want to park your car somewhere convenient and travel by public transit for the day, there are plenty of options. 

You can also use dial-a-ride in Mountain Village, and it operates seven days per week in the main summer and winter seasons. Because it follows a similar daily schedule to the gondola, you can rely on it to be available during the same hours to get you to and from your location. 

Private transportation options, such as Alpine Limo and Mountain Limo are available in Mountain Village and Telluride, offering exceptional service while taking you to your destination. These private transportation options are great options for traveling to and from the airport. Telluride Express is an excellent choice, offering both shared and private rides throughout the year.