Top 7 Luxury Vacation Rental Amenities

If you’re thinking about putting your luxurious home up as a vacation rental, you’ll need to get quite a few things in order first. One of the most important things renters look for in a luxurious home is the availability of certain amenities. Here are the top luxury vacation rental amenities that renters look for.

7 Must-Have Luxury Vacation Rental Amenities

1. Internet/Wi-Fi

  • Probably the biggest necessity in any vacation rental is a fast Internet connection. Unless your home is purposely off the grid, guests of your luxurious home will expect Wi-Fi as a part of the rental package.

2. TVs with Streaming Services

  • One TV isn’t enough—preferably, your luxury home will have multiple televisions. These TVs should also be up-to-date with the top streaming services. Make these platforms easily accessible to your guests so that they have the option of a relaxing night in with a movie. The ideal scenario would be a cable package on a smart TV so that guests can easily access live shows as well as Amazon Prime or Netflix.

3. Fireplace or fire pit

  • In colder climates, people will want to cuddle up next to a fireplace after a day out in the snow. Even in warm weather, sitting next to a fire pit is a wonderful way to relax. Adding a fire pit or a fireplace to your home is a wonderful investment.

4. Porch or Balcony

  • We all get excited about a beautiful room with a gorgeous view, but getting to step outside and enjoy that view is even better. This add-on can be a bit expensive, but it’s an investment that guests will love. Balconies give visitors the chance to embrace the fresh air and the beauty of nature without having to leave the home.

5. Pool or Hot Tub

  • You may think that a pool isn’t necessary if your home is in a tropical area or in sight of the ocean. However, people looking at luxurious homes often want to be able to enjoy water without having to deal with crowds at a beach. Guest will love the privacy of an at-home pool or hot tub.

6. Air Conditioning

  • If your home is in a climate where the temperature gets higher than around 70 degrees, you’ll need to make sure your home has an air conditioner. Guests will certainly want to be able to control the temperature within the home. This means more than just a window unit—get central air conditioning throughout your home to meet your guests’ needs.

7. The kitchen

  • The kitchen is one of your home’s greatest assets. In fact, Book full found that “64 percent of renters say the vacation rental kitchen is the top amenity that motivates them to pick one house over another.” For a truly luxurious home, you should have a fully functional, up-to-date kitchen with the best appliances and utensils. This will add a lot of worth to your home.

  • Once your home is outfitted with all the top luxury vacation rental amenities, get in touch with Exceptional Stays. We can put the spotlight on your Telluride home rental so that you can start profiting from all the work and care you put into your home.

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