Thrilling Activities in Costa Brava

Spain’s beautiful Costa Brava is a stunning coastal region that is known for its impeccable beaches, but that’s certainly not all that it offers. It’s filled with some of the world’s greatest museums, an abundance of historic sites and landmarks, an excellent nightlife scene, a huge variety of fun and exciting tours, exceptional water activities and plenty of fun for both couples and families who are traveling with children. Costa Brava also provides some amazing activities that are guaranteed to get your heart racing in a good way, and these are just a few of the most popular.


Whether you’ve been skydiving for years or are ready for your first jump, you couldn’t pick a more beautiful spot to enjoy this extraordinary activity. Your adventure will take you over the Girona landscape with incredible views of the Gulf of Roses and the Cap de Creus. First-time skydivers can be assured of a safe experience with a tandem jump with a professional instructor. You’ll jump with your instructor once your plane has reached an altitude of just over 13,000 feet, and you should expect to fall freely through the air for about a minute before your instructor opens the parachute. At that point, you’ll enjoy a full 5-minute float through the air before your feet touch the ground once again. As a very special perk, a skydiving cameraman will also jump with you so that you’ll go home with professional photos and a video of your entire experience.

Treetop Adventures

If you’re feeling energized, then come on out and tackle some 1,500 feet of zip line that takes you on a wild ride through more than 300,000 square feet of pine forest. This isn’t just a brief zip through the trees either, and you can spend a full day with some 90 different adventure activities that include Tarzan jumps, skateboard slides, tunnels, bridges, nets, ropes, vast voids and swinging logs. There are seven separate trekking courses that feature varying degrees of difficulty, and you’ll find courses that are suitable for children, just right for adults who aren’t in peak physical condition and exceptionally challenging for those who are looking for some real thrills. Night zips are also offered, and there’s a playground available for children ages 5 and under.

Night Diving

Just like on the land, everything is different beneath the sea at night. It’s definitely a little scary, and you’ll want to try to keep the theme music from the Jaws movie out of your head. But this experience is too good to pass up. Come explore the underwater night world, and you’ll discover how everything about the dive is beautifully enhanced and altered from the contrast of the deep darkness and your bright, professional-grade spotlight. You’ll encounter sea life that simply isn’t seen during the day, and you’ll be safely guarded by a professional diving instructor at all times. Small groups of no more than eight individuals may go out on this special dive.

Water Parks

If you’re always looking for the next thrilling water-park ride, then you’ll definitely want to visit Aqua Brava for a full day of heart-stopping fun. Both the Kamikaze and the Bullet are water slides that feature a fabulous vertical drop of more than 55 feet, and these racing slides allow you to compete with your friends to see who can hit the pool at the bottom at the fastest speeds. Next is the Cobra, a tube ride that will take your breath away as you travel at high speeds and are dropped into a void on a half-pipe. After all that, you may like to plunge into darkness on the Black Hole ride, which is a 400-foot slide that moves you at break-neck speeds, and the White Hole ride drops you a sharp 55 feet as sound and light create an exciting sensation.

Theme Parks

You may also choose to enjoy several thrilling rides without getting wet at the Port Aventura Park. Only the most courageous visitors will want to take on the Hurakan Condor, which drops you into a free fall of more than 328 feet. You can then head over to Dragon Khan for eight full loops at an intense 70 miles per hour before boarding the Furius Baco, which features a horizontal catapult that sends you flying through the air at speeds of 83 miles per hour.

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