Top Reasons to Stay in a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel

For years, people have loved the comfort and luxurious aspect to hotels. To stay in one always seems like a dream, but as prices rise and favorite hotels always seem to get booked, more people are falling in love with vacation rentals. These vacation rental apartments, cabins, homes, and villas are just as luxurious and comfortable—often even more so—and offer so much more than hotels. If you’re still on the fence about what sort of accommodations to book for your next trip, this post will lay out all the various reasons to stay in a vacation rental vs a hotel. You’ll never want to stay in an impersonal hotel room again!

8 Advantages of a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel

1. You’ll Save Money

Staying in a vacation rental can save you a lot more money than a hotel, especially if you’re trip is over a weekend or longer. It can be even more practical for trips with multiple families, since you can divide the cost of just one vacation rental between friends and family. Though this may not be true in all cases, many travelers have found that staying in a vacation home is much cheaper than renting out enough hotel rooms to accommodate their entire group.

2. Vacation Rental Homes Are Everywhere

If you decide a vacation rental is a better bet than a hotel, you have a wide variety of accommodation options. There are a lot of hotels out there, but nice ones are not often available in more remote places. Vacation rental homes are everywhere and typically have many more acceptable options than hotels in some areas. Staying in a remote location or somewhere that’s not super touristy is possible when you book a vacation rental.

3. The Whole Family Can Stay Together

Like we mentioned briefly above, when you take a trip with multiple families or a group of friends, you often need to rent out a couple rooms. That can really add up, especially if you choose to stay at a more luxurious hotel. With a vacation rental home, you can find homes that accommodate twenty or more guests, and the cost isn’t too bad when split between everyone. Better yet, you’ll end up with more comfortable places to hang out and relax as a group rather than trying to shove everyone into one hotel room.

4. You Can Enjoy More Privacy

A big reason people book vacation rentals over hotel rooms is for more privacy and solitude. Hotel rooms tend to feel crowded, and guests often feel like they need to stay quiet. With vacation rentals, guests can enjoy the privacy and solitude of their own space. You may even have a private deck, pool, or hot tub to relax in if it’s included in your rental. Rooms and living areas are larger, and there are often plenty of quiet places to curl up and enjoy some alone time.

5. You Don’t Have to Eat Out

When people plan their trips, a big monetary aspect to consider is food. When choosing a hotel, families know restaurants will fill up their vacation menu. When people choose to stay in a vacation rental condo, cabin, home, or villa, they have the option to eat every meal they want at the home. Cooking at home can save a lot of money while on vacation, so you can fill up the fridge and make some of your favorite meals instead of going out. Better yet, some luxury vacation rentals come with a chef upon request, so you can get restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your rental.

6. It’s Easier to Travel with Pets

Sure, more hotels have become pet-friendly, but do you really want to keep your pet cramped up in only 300 to 500 square feet of space? Give your favorite furry friends room to wander and feel comfortable in a vacation rental. Not all homes allow pets, but many do, and that number steadily increases each year.

7. They’re More Personal

One of the main reasons we love vacation rental homes (besides the obvious reasons) is they’re typically so much more personal. When you go to hotels, you sleep in a room that hundreds of other people have stayed in. Maybe you’ll get a little something complimentary, but other people get that too. When you walk into a quality Telluride home rental or something similar, you walk into a home that’s been catered to meet your needs. A good property management company knows that in order to earn more from the rental and to draw people in, they need to personalize each guest’s trip. When guests are asked about their visit, owners or management companies will do their best to create a home and atmosphere that will showcase how much they care about the guest.

8. You’ll Live Like a Local

Our last reason is yet another one of people’s favorite reasons to stay in a vacation rental over a hotel. When you stay in a rental home, you feel and live much more like a local than you would if you stayed in a hotel. Hotel stays can often make you feel more like a tourist and an outsider rather than a local enjoying the activities the area has to offer. With a vacation rental, you will also most likely stay in a more residential part of the town instead of tourist designated areas. Better yet, many vacation rental properties try to help you spend your trip as a local, and they offer different details and insider tips about activities and restaurants in the area.

If these reasons have swayed you to vacation in a rental home, turn to Exceptional Stays for your luxurious accommodations. We have destinations around the world, which range from condos to expansive villas that will give you an incredible experience you’ll never forget. If you have a property you’d like to turn into a vacation home, get in contact with us as well; we’ll help you turn your home into a revenue-churning machine. Let us make your stay—or your home—exceptional!


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