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The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona – A Walk Through History

Anyone with an adventurous spirit is sure to thoroughly enjoy a fabulous stay in wondrous Barcelona, Spain. The opportunities for exploration among an abundance of art, history, and culture are simply amazing, and you can plan on discovering wonderful surprises around every corner. Your sense of adventure will soar wherever you may roam throughout Barcelona, but you’ll definitely want to make time to thoroughly explore the immensely popular Gothic Quarter when you’re ready to feel like you’ve actually traveled back through the ages.

About the Gothic Quarter

It’s often said that Barcelona’s true history began right where the Gothic Quarter stands today because this is where the Romans laid claim to the land and built their first settlement, which was fortified by the addition of a thick wall that rose up to a full 60 feet and boasted 78 towers. Remains of the wall are still present today, and many structures that are dated back to medieval times are still standing as well. A great many of the roads in the Gothic Quarter are closed to most automotive traffic, and this gives visitors a chance to explore the narrow, winding streets and alleyways on foot. You can walk about at your own pace, or you may want to choose to join one of the many walking tours so that you can be sure of missing nothing. Those roaming about on their own often find that the roads open out into squares that are filled with wonderful surprises. In the very center of the Gothic Quarter, you’ll find the La Seu, which is a splendid cathedral and one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture in the entire city. Seeing it during the day is amazing, and seeing it at night is absolutely breathtaking thanks to its full illumination. Many historical buildings surround the cathedral as well. Many people start their exploration of the Gothic Quarter at the cathedral, and then spread out. In addition to the many historical attractions, your walk will also take you among many famous museums, little sweet shops that offer freshly made chocolate delights, curious boutiques with a wonderful selection of one-of-a-kind items, cafes with the best tapas in the world, many restaurants that offer classic Catalonian food and a nightlife that is fun and upbeat. It’s nearly impossible to describe everything that you can expect to experience in the Gothic Quarter, and you’ll definitely want to discover its treasures for yourself. You may not have time to see it all, but these are just a few of the most popular features that you won’t want to miss.

Placa Reial

Visitors during the day appreciate the beauty of this lovely plaza that is filled with Gaudi-designed lampposts and an incredible fountain that draws in locals and visitors alike. In the evenings, this area transforms into a lively party spot with festive crowds spilling out of the surrounding bars, pubs and clubs and into the plaza.

La Rambla

Those exploring the Gothic Quarter usually run right into this area that is commonly recognized as the most famous pedestrian strip in the entire city. You’ll find a lively atmosphere of street performers, cafes, shopping opportunities and many other festive activities.

The Jewish Quarter

This section of the Gothic Quarter exclusively honors the important role that Jewish merchants played in Barcelona’s early history. You’ll see the Sinagoga Mayor, which is a synagogue that was completely deserted during the 14th century and a museum called the Centre d’Interpretacio del Call, which depicts what Jewish life was like during medieval times in Barcelona.

Placa Sant Jaume

From its earliest beginnings, Barcelona has struggled for its independence from one political power or another. It’s only fitting to visit this area that serves as the city’s political center, and you’ll see the Barcelona City Hall and the Palau de la Generalitat, which is the seat of the Catalan Government.

It’s a Wonderful Time to Visit Barcelona

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