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The Best Telluride Bike Rentals and Spots

Biking is one of the most popular hobbies in Telluride, Colorado, for many reasons. It’s excellent exercise, accessible for many different athletic abilities, and bike rentals allow you to quickly explore extraordinary areas in Telluride that cannot be accessed by car.

If you’re traveling to Telluride soon, the Exceptional Stays team wants to help you find your bike rentals and popular biking spots. After reading this blog post, we hope you are ready to have an extraordinary adventure in Telluride.

Mountain Adventure Equipment

Mountain Adventure Equipment has an impressive 5-star rating on Google reviews. They have many options, ranging from standard to high-end mountain bike rentals. They offer Telluride bike rentals in youth and adult sizes so the whole family can enjoy bike riding in Telluride. Each bike rentals come with a bike, helmet, and biking gloves. 

Telluride Sports

Whether you want to hit the picturesque nature trails or ride laps around the park, they have the proper selection of bike rentals for you. They’ve been in business for nearly 50 years, so you can feel confident in their knowledge about the type of bike and equipment rentals you’ll need. With 10 locations around the Telluride and Mountain Village area, returning or exchanging your bike rentals is more convenient than bike rental companies with only one location. 

Where To Ride Your Bike Rentals in Telluride

  • Telluride Bike Path: One of the best places for a mellow bike ride is the Telluride Bike Path. The scenery is breathtaking and is only 6.6 miles long. The Telluride Bike Path is one of the best spots in the Telluride for those who might not have the skill level for more rugged and long bike paths. You can find directions to the path by clicking here.
  • Jurassic: This bike path is quick and about medium difficulty. Moderately experienced bikers shouldn’t have a problem completing this journey. The journey is fast and fun, with beautiful views as you bike through a lush forest. Most of the trip is downhill, so it is a smooth ride.
  • Galloping Goose: This is a relaxing but long ride making it a moderately difficult journey. It is still a fantastic option for beginners to biking who are open to a longer path. The scenery is breathtaking, as you bike past the historic Rio Grande Southern Railway, waterfalls, and edible wild berries.
  • Bridal Veil Trail: This is the most challenging biking trail on our list, but its beauty and adventure make it worth it. On this trip, you will bike past stunning views of wildfires and the historic Lewis Mill
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