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The Best Surf Spots In Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita is fast becoming a world class surfing destination, and for very good reason. Firstly, surfing in and around Punta Mita offers something for every level of surfer. From excited beginners to seasoned wave chasers, there are over a dozen surf breaks on offer around the peninsula. Because of it’s island-like geography which offers both northwest and southwest swell exposure, Punta Mita inevitably captures decent surf conditions, regardless of the swell or wind conditions. Because of this, Punta Mita is a reliable, consistent year round surf destination. Add to this little to no crowds, breathtaking natural beauty, incredible air and water temperatures year round, and easily accessible breaks, and you have the ultimate surfer’s paradise!

Here are some of our favorite surf spots…

El Anclote

The El Anclote surf break is located in downtown Punta Mita. Ideally suited to a longboard, this right hand break is perfect for beginner’s offering an easily rideable, long wave. Best enjoyed at low tide, the El Anclote surf break is easily accessible from anywhere in Punta Mita. There are a few different spots you can rent a board, as well as signing up for some surf lessons if you want to learn from local pros!

La Lancha

Located on the eastern edge of the Ranchos Estates, the La Lancha surf break is very popular with locals and visitors. A little surprising, considering access to this spot is by boat, or a dedicated 40-minute sandy walk from downtown Punta Mita (but a short walk if you are staying in the Ranchos Estates). However, not so surprising given that this sought after break is great for longboards and short boards alike, with right and left directions. A good choice for low and incoming tides, the La Lancha break usually delivers when everything else is flat. Although it does tend to get crowded on the weekends and on afternoons.

Punta Burros

Punta Burros is a few miles east of La Lancha and is best accessed by boat, bus or taxi from the heart of Punta Mita. This relatively exposed break has reliably good surf, with the best wind direction from the north and north east. Great for short and long board riders who love a long right hand reef break (but lefties will also be happy here too!). Winter is the ideal time of year for surfing here. When conditions are good, it gets crowded. Surf-Forecast.com urges surfers to “beware of urchins, rocks and locals”!

El Faro

The El Faro surf break is located on the very southern tip of the Punta Mita peninsula. The easiest and quickest way to access the break is by boat, or there is the option of a 30-minute walk from Punta Mita along the rocky shoreline. Offering three different long rights, the El Faro surf break is great for shortboards and longboards, especially at low tide. Best to hit this spot early in the day as it can get crowded and blown out later in the day.

The Cove

Right next to El Faro, on the western side of the peninsula is the Cove surf break. Again, a boat is the best way to access this break, but it can also be accessed with a 50-minute rocky walk. Ideal for a short and long board, Facing south east, this spot produces great conditions, regardless of the tide. The Cove is typically bigger than other breaks, and is at it’s best early in the morning. 

It can blow out later in the day, so best to make this your AM surf pick! If you are visiting Punta Mita and are looking to dip your surfing toes in the water, so to speak, let us organize a private surf lesson for you during your luxury vacation. Our expert team at Exceptional Stays is available to help you create the perfect experience for you and your family. 

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