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#1: Telluride

When you visit Telluride, Colorado, you can explore Mount Sneffels, Bridal Veil Pass, the Telluride Ski Resort and the Sheridan Opera House, and you may tour the Telluride Historical Museum. Many guests also travel to a pass that is especially close to Red Mountain, and visitors can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sightseeing and camping.

Resorts and Other Facilities

Guests commonly visit the Telluride Ski Resort, which is situated to the south of the town. The resort provides numerous types of lessons for customers, and tourists can dine at the facility’s restaurants, search for souvenirs in gift shops and view detailed maps that show routes for skiers. Unlike some resorts, the Telluride Ski Resort also welcomes visitors during the summer months.

Large Waterfalls and Winding Rivers

If you rent a condominium that is located in Telluride, Colorado, you may travel to Bridal Veil Falls, and this waterfall has a height of 365 feet. Numerous trails and various overlooks surround the well-known waterfall. Furthermore, a hydroelectric facility is positioned near the river that is linked to the waterfall, and guests can complete tours of the sizable building.

The San Sophia Overlook

This destination offers picturesque views of the wilderness that surrounds Telluride. When exploring the area, guests can ride on a gondola, which is supported by several cables that are attached to two large hills. Throughout the last 35 years, many visitors have organized numerous celebrations and multiple weddings that have taken place near the overlook.

Historical Attractions

You can visit the Sheridan Opera House, and this historical structure regularly hosts plays and concerts of all types. The facility has numerous galleries and a theater that is designed for kids. The opera house is associated with the Sheridan Arts Foundation, which showcases sculptures, paintings and music. Additionally, residents and visitors may attend speeches and sizable conferences in the building.

Tourists regularly explore the Telluride Historical Museum, which was originally a hospital that provided services for individuals who resided within a radius of 52 miles. The popular museum contains photographs that show sections of the city, equipment that previous residents utilized and maps that indicate the locations of historical buildings. Moreover, visitors may watch films that describe the founding of the town and the construction of numerous resorts that attract thousands of visitors annually.

#2: Mountain Village

Mountain Village, Colorado, is located to the southwest of the Telluride Ski Resort, and the beautiful town has a sizable market, several waterfalls, extensive trails, a well-known spa, many creeks that are linked to the San Miguel River and multiple ski resorts. Furthermore, both towns are especially close to Route 145, which can provide easy access to the Telluride Regional Airport.

Exploring the Market and the Plaza

The town’s main market has numerous restaurants, stores that provide equipment for skiers and coffee shops that local residents frequently visit. You can also tour the plaza, which contains many historical buildings and walkways that are connected to numerous trails.

Exploring the Jud Wiebe Trail

This winding trail is named after an experienced explorer who frequented the area, and the route has a length of approximately 3 miles. In total, the trail’s elevation increases by more than 1,300 feet. The route contains numerous bridges that cross relatively wide creeks, segments that are near popular overlooks and a section that is in the outskirts of Telluride, Colorado.

Visiting Several Lakes

During the summer months, many tourists travel to Blue Lake, which is located to the east of Mountain Village, Colorado. Guests can enjoy kayaking, swimming and snorkeling, and the lake is positioned near numerous well-known trails, hills that offer panoramic views and multiple campgrounds. When you stay at a luxury condominium in Mountain Village, Colorado, you can also explore the Alta Lakes.

Exploring Mount Sneffels

With a height of approximately 14,157 feet, Mount Sneffels may attract more than 15,000 visitors during each year. Throughout the spring, additional guests will visit the mountain because many visitors want to see the rapidly blooming aspens, and the melting snow adds extra water to nearby rivers, which attract kayakers from many cities in Colorado.

Bear Creek Falls

Before visiting this waterfall, guests can walk on a trail that has a length of 2.3 miles, and the route’s elevation increases by more than 1,140 feet. The waterfall is situated near the most elevated point of the trail. The attraction is near numerous sizable cliffs, several campgrounds, and a valley with routes that skiers frequently utilize.

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