Telluride Honored as Top Ski Resort Town in Colorado

Stunning Telluride, Colorado, has been named one of North America’s Top Ten Ski Resorts by Forbes Magazine for 2019, and that will come as no surprise to those who have visited Telluride during its incredible ski season. Factors considered for ranking include snowfall, terrain, crowd conditions and town atmosphere and offerings, and Telluride came in at the Number One Spot for its state and the Number Two Spot Overall with a PAF (Pure Awesomeness Factor) score of 95.57.

Forbes has described Telluride as the “alpha” of top-tier ski resort towns in North America, and it scored well due to its high elevation and north-facing terrain that allow the abundant snowfall to stay in place from late November through early April for a fabulous extended ski season each year. It also offers the ultimate ski experience for every skill set with ski runs set up for the first-time skier right up to true expert-level challenges. Further ranking was based on the town’s easy access to skiing, incredible restaurants, bars and retail offerings and availability of luxury vacation rentals.

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