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Don’t Miss the Telluride 4th of July Parade in Colorado

The Telluride 4th of July Parade is one of the area’s most highly anticipated annual events. We know there’s still snow on the ground, but the team at Exceptional Stays can’t wait to celebrate in the warm sun with barbecues, yard games, fireworks, and patriotic fun. Keep reading to learn about the rich history of the Telluride 4th of July Parade, and you’ll be excited too!

The Rich History of the Telluride 4th of July Parade

The 4th of July celebrates The Declaration of Independence in 1776, which declared the United States free of British control. President James Adams predicted that this day would be a great celebration for generations of Americans to come. Across the country, citizens will celebrate with parades, bonfires, shows, and fun. Boy, was he right!

The Telluride 4th of July Parade is one of the oldest annual events in our town, spanning back to the 1880s. During this time, the only holidays the local miners got off from work were Christmas and the 4th of July. Because of this, the Telluride 4th of July Parade was a big deal! “If you look at old pictures, it really was the Wild West,” says Susan Cramer, the Telluride 4th of July committee president. The town came alive with fun activities such as greased pole climbing, tug of war, and pie-eating competitions. 

4th of July Parade in Telluride

There have been some hiccups throughout the centuries of the Telluride 4th of July Parade. The celebration was canceled in the 1970s due to biker gangs that would be at the event. The Telluride 4th of July Parade returned to its full glory in the 1980s due to Shari Flatt’s and Joyce Allred’s efforts. Almost everyone in the Telluride community participates in the 4th of July Parade. It’s a good thing this legendary parade draws in so many travelers. Allred said, “If it weren’t for the tourists, there may be no spectators at all.” 

A recent hiccup in the Telluride 4th of July Parade tradition is its cancellation in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. The parade came back in full swing in 2022, though, and the community’s dedication will keep it going strong for years to come.

The Telluride 4th of July Traditions

The celebration starts with the annual Telluride 4th of July Parade down Historic Main Street. Watch a flyby show from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs soar above the parade. Watch the creative array of floats and festive costumes. 

After the Telluride 4th of July Parade, there will be a giant community barbeque filled with classic all-American food. Travelers are welcome to join the fun and affordably priced food. There will be games people of all ages can enjoy, such as sack races, pie eating contests, slip n’ slides, and other fun activities. End a day of patriotic fun by enjoying the incredible fireworks show!

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