Small Decorating Ideas for Vacation Rental Homes

In a previous blog, we discussed the various big-picture interior design tips for vacation rental homes—from wall color to floor plan layout. Here we’ll discuss the small picture aspects of interior decorating that you can’t forget about. The details in your property can make or break guest experience, so you’ll want to make sure to follow through on these ideas for maximum bookings. Read on for more small decorating ideas for vacation rental homes and start integrating them now!

Don’t Leave Walls Blank

We can’t stress this enough—don’t leave the walls of your vacation rental home bare. Not only does it seem uninviting, but it also adds nothing to the property’s personality. Whether you go for large, small, or local art, people like to see the area through a local’s eye. Be sure to use colors and patterns that say something about the region. Artwork can do so much for making your property feel welcoming while adding a vital personality. Big pieces can even be a focal point for the room—play around with it!

Invest in Throw Pillows and Blankets

This may seem obvious, but don’t leave your furniture bare. Lope a blanket over a chair in the living room and add some pops of color with pillows on the couch. Since your furniture should be neutral, pillows and blankets need to stick to the property’s general theme and complement the furnishings. Be careful not to overdo it though—just a few on the beds and couches will do the trick. Further, only leave a few blankets out on furniture and put the rest in a closet for your colder guests.

Mix Vintage and New

One of our favorite small decorating tips comes into play with mixing store-bought and secondhand pieces. You don’t need to spend loads of money on brand new items for each part of the home—in fact, you shouldn’t. Though you want to ensure guests don’t feel like they’re intruding on your personal space, they’re likely to feel a bit on edge if all the décor is brand new. Vintage items are a great way to style your home on a budget. Even if it’s small notes of vintage, it can give your home more personality and comfort.

Make Use of Light

Lighting fixtures are a must in every rental property. A properly lit space always feels more comfortable and appealing than a home without enough lighting. Guests also appreciate the option to alter lights to fit their needs. For example, make sure that you have dimmer switches in the majority of the rooms and other soft light lamps. People like to be able to control the brightness of the room, so have options other than overhead lights—especially in bedrooms and family rooms.

Utilize Hooks and Hangers

Definitely a small detail, make sure to have hooks and hangers in your property. We find that a lot of properties forget about this vital aspect of a home. It’s very unlikely that your guests will be traveling with their own, so you need to make sure to offer a place to hang their things. It’s a small decorating piece, but guests certainly notice it in a time of need.

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