skiing in telluride

Skiing & Hiking in Telluride

Beautiful Mountain Village, Colorado, is just a short, beautiful and free gondola ride from Telluride, and that’s a wonderful thing because these two extraordinary mountain towns complement each other perfectly. With its excellent positioning in the heart of the San Juan Mountains at 9,545 feet, Mountain Village is home to the Telluride Ski Area and boasts several luxurious vacation homes that promise privacy, peace and an abundance of open space. While Mountain Village may be best known for its incredible ski runs, it’s also an excellent vacation destination during every season of the year. When skiing season is done, you’ll want to come on out to enjoy the incredible hiking trails with plenty of opportunities to explore the mountains and view the wildlife in its natural habitat. These are just a few of Mountain Village’s most popular ski runs and hiking trails.

skiing in telluride


With dozens of spectacular ski runs that range from those that are safe for the tiniest tots to the adult beginner and onto ski runs that should only be attempted by the most skilled skiing enthusiast, you’ll find a wonderland of skiing fun for every member of the family in Mountain Village. There are also more than 2,000 acres of excellent skiing terrain so that there’s more than enough room for everyone to play. Check these out!

For Beginners

The Meadows: Absolutely perfect for the little ones or new skiers of any age, this ski run offers a slight incline so that you’ll be able to practice your skiing without fear of taking a bad fall or being unable to stop yourself. Snowboarding is also allowed on this run.

For Intermediate Skiers

See Forever: Once you’ve graduated from the status of beginner, you’re sure to enjoy this incredible ski run that is both fun and amazingly beautiful. You’ll find a bit of a challenge on some steep areas, and you’ll discover impressive 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains.

For Advanced Skiers

Bushwacker: A thrill seeker’s dream come true, this ski run is for those who want to move like the wind at a fast and furious pace. Be sure you’re ready for heart-racing steep drops at every turn.

Electra: For Experts Only! Under no circumstances should you attempt this ski run unless you are at the very top of your game. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s paradise if you do. Expect to travel at high speeds along steep bumps that send you airborne and among lots of trees that must be carefully navigated.

Hiking in Telluride

Much like the ski trails, visitors to Mountain Village will discover a wealth of beautiful hiking trails that are perfect for every skill level. Those traveling with small children may choose an easy, short trail, and those looking for real adventure may pick one that requires skill and endurance. Many of these trails may also be explored by mountain bike or even horseback in some cases. Here are just a few that you might like.

Jurassic Trail: This 1-mile trail is perfect for beginning hikers or anyone looking for a short, beautiful hiking experience. Take a leisurely stroll, and you’ll enjoy stunning mountain views, colorful wildflowers and an abundance of wildlife.

Ridge Trail: Beautiful wildflowers surround this lovely trail during the spring and summer months, and it provides a lovely 1.8-mile hike that even the family dog can enjoy. It’s a great path for those interested in bird watching, and you’ll travel through an aspen forest where woodland creatures reside. This is considered a trail of moderate difficulty, and those hiking with children have the option to ride the gondola back down the trail if anyone becomes tired.

See Forever Trail: Those looking for an extreme hiking or mountain biking experience are sure to enjoy this trail that runs either 2.8 miles or a full 8.3 miles if you choose to continue on to the connecting Wasatch Trail. You’ll enjoy amazing 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains, but you’ll work for the view as you navigate steep areas and take on a 3,510-foot extreme descent onto the Bear Creek Trail. This is a fabulous full-day outing for the strong and active set.


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