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There’s nothing quite like a vacation to Spain’s exquisite island of Menorca, and it’s the perfect way to banish the winter blues while soaking up the sun on those perfect island beaches. One of the best things about a visit to Menorca is learning about the secret places on the island, and only the locals know about all of the wonderful spots that aren’t on the map. The good news is that the locals are friendly and always happy to talk with visitors, but that’s not going to be helpful if you can’t speak with them in their native language. Consider learning the lingo during your stay with one of these fun language classes, and you’ll soon be getting the most out of your stay in Menorca.

Menorca Spanish School

Conveniently situated in the very heart of Mahon, this school is the best place on the island to embrace the Spanish language, and it offers exceptional instructors along with a comfortable and modern facility, excellent support services and many special activities that turn learning the language into a fun adventure. These are just a few of this school’s many incredible options.

Spanish on the Road

Perhaps the most popular class among visitors, this option takes the learning out of the classroom and into the streets of Mahon. You’ll be taught the language as you discover the city through a wonderful selection of activities. This three-hour class is available each Wednesday throughout the year, and it’s a great program for parents to enjoy with their children age 12 and up. It caters to those wishing to learn basic or intermediate Spanish, and instruction for one child is free with a paying adult. No more than 10 students are allowed in any class to ensure plenty of one-on-one instruction for each participant.

Spanish 50+

Those age 50 and up may choose this incredible class that is for your age group only. It’s a great way to meet other visitors on the island, and this class is available for a minimum of one full week so that you’ll have the opportunity to make some lasting friendships while learning the language. You’ll study Spanish while exploring Menorca’s history, culture and wonderful customs, and each day is filled with social and cultural activities that include half-day trips to popular destinations, cooking classes, dance classes, wine tastings, boat trips, films that are followed by discussion and cultural talks. Enrollment is restricted to 10 students per class.


Those who would prefer private instruction right in the privacy of their vacation home will want to choose this excellent option. The lessons are personalized for your specific wants and needs, and participants must be at least 12 years of age. This class is available for a minimum of one week. Private courses for individuals age 18 and up are also available for up to three individuals per class.

Spanish Intensive

This is the option for you if you want to see fast progress in your Spanish-speaking skills. Available for a minimum of one week, this class is open to no more than six students at a time. You must be at least age 18 to participate, and three activities are included each week. These may include a guided city tour with a tapas tasting, water activities, beach walks or a visit to the market, and each fun activity offers the opportunity to practice your Spanish in a real-world setting. Super-intensive Spanish classes are also available.

About the Activities

The above classes include some time in a traditional classroom setting, but the instructors at the Menorca Spanish School understand that you want to thoroughly enjoy your island vacation as well. This is one of the reasons that incredible island activities are combined with your Spanish lessons, and you’ll head out to enjoy the island and practice your Spanish during real-life interactions with the locals and your classmates after your classwork is completed. The very best way to effectively learn the language is to combine culture with recreation, and these are just a few of the excellent activities that this prestigious school regularly provides for its students. All activities are planned specifically in connection with the group’s wishes.

  • Festival participation
  • City tours
  • Boat tours
  • Water activities
  • Wine and food tastings
  • Beach walks
  • Cooking classes
  • Dance classes

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