Key Tips for Bringing Your Pet on Vacation

If you want to go on vacation but you’re worried about leaving your furry friends behind, you aren’t alone. Many people crave the company of their pets when they go on vacation; they say it increases their anxiety if they leave their pet at home. According to an article by Forbes, “65% [of millennials] say being separated from their pet for a week would be worse than doing without their cell phones.” If you can’t stand the idea of a trip without your best friends, check out some of these tips for bringing pets on vacation. You’ll be glad you figured out a way to travel with your furry companions.

Make Sure Where You’re Going is Pet Friendly

When you plan out the accommodations for your trip, make sure you search for pet-friendly places. Don’t think you can show up to your Telluride vacation rental or five-star resort without first checking whether or not they allow pets. While you check out their pet allowances, you should also check to see if they have any pet policies—ask for those in writing, as well.

Get Your Pet Used to Riding

If you have a long drive or flight, you need to make sure that your furry friends are ready for the ride. For drives, practice driving them short distances, such as to the park—this will help them have a good experience and know that a good reward comes at the end of the drive. For flights, there’s not a great way to practice it, but a general tip is to make sure you don’t give them medication (unless prescribed), as this can interfere with their body temperature regulation.

Pack a Pet Suitcase

While you pack your things, make sure to pack your pet a little suitcase as well. When you travel and vacation with a pet, they need their essential items just like you do. Here are a few things you should bring along:

  • Collapsible food and water bowls
  • Pet food (don’t just get a random kind at a store in town)
  • A couple of their favorite toys Blankets (so they can sit on the furniture)
  • Animal first aid kit
  • Treats
  • Bottled Water

Avoid Leaving Your Pet Alone

This is a general tip a lot of people end up forgetting about when they bring their pet with them on vacation. Remember that you brought them with you for a reason, so don’t just keep them inside all day while you go off and explore. If you bring them with you on a trip, you’ll need to make sure a lot of the activities you plan to do are pet-friendly. Let them experience the rejuvenation of a good vacation just like you. If you keep them entertained, you reduce the chances of something going wrong.

Find a Reliable Vet

When you go anywhere away from home and you can’t get to your normal vet, you need to ensure there is a vet you can go to instead. Check out the different vet clinics in the area you will visit, and make sure they can treat your four-legged friends. Hopefully it won’t be necessary, but it’s a precaution you must take.

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