Barcelona Carnival

It’s Time for the Fabulous Barcelona Carnival 2017

Whenever you visit wonderful Barcelona, Spain, you’ll discover history that vividly jumps out at you with every turn, numerous examples of the world’s most magnificent architecture, a famous nightlife scene and the enchanting Mediterranean Sea. However, you might want to schedule your visit to coincide with some of the many special events and festivals that are held during certain times of the year. If you’re not already vacationing in Barcelona right now, then you’re probably too late to catch this year’s fabulous Barcelona Carnival. Fortunately, it’s a grand yearly event, and you can start making your plans for the 2018 Barcelona Carnival right now.

Barcelona Carnival 2017

This year’s event is scheduled to begin on Thursday, Feb. 23, and it will run straight through Wednesday, March 1. Each day is filled with fun activities and celebrations at various points throughout the city, and you should look for signs that point to event locations. Much like Mardi Gras, the Barcelona Carnival is celebrated during the week just before the religious observance of Lent takes place. This event isn’t just a celebration for adults, and those traveling with children will enjoy many activities that are suitable for all ages. At least 100 different activities and events are planned during the Barcelona Carnival, and these are just a few of the festivities that you’ll enjoy.

Incredible Parades

During this event, you’ll find parade processions in every district of Barcelona. At least 30 parades are scheduled, and you’ll enjoy the bright and unique costumes, massive amounts of balloons, fantastic marching bands and incredibly festive floats. These are just two of the most popular parades.

  • King Carnival Parade: Several of these are held on opening day in various locations, and the biggest one will start on La Rambla Street at 5:45 p.m. This parade ends at Placa de Sant Jaume, and that’s where you’ll want to be to enjoy the traditional orange battle. Fortunately, they no longer battle with oranges, but everyone has fun tossing orange balloons and confetti at one another.
  • Main Street Parade: On Saturday, you’ll want to see this parade that runs from 5 to 8:30 p.m., and you’re sure to be amazed at the over-the-top performances that take place in this time frame. This parade begins on Placa de la Merce, and it ends on Carrer del Pou de la Figuera.

Food Festivities

Bring a big appetite to the Barcelona Carnival because food is a huge part of this event. Everyone is literally going to be stuffing themselves, and you’ll find every major marketplace in the city offering a variety of food events and cooking competitions. You’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of traditional Catalan cuisine, and popular food festivities include the omelette cooking and tasting competitions, the Catalan sausage eating contests and the sardine tasting events. 

Music and Dancing

Live bands can be found throughout the city during this event, and you can hit the local clubs for some special celebrations. There is also plenty of live music and dancing in the streets, and visitors and locals alike are welcome to participate. Mobile stages keep the musicians traveling through every neighborhood in the city.

Street Performers

You’ll find a little bit of everything as you stroll through the city streets. Jugglers are always in abundance, and you’ll also see theatrical performances, wind-instrument bands and amazing feats of magic. 

Activities for Children

This event is definitely geared towards children. They may enjoy such activities as face painting, balloon animals, carnival games and several fun costume and cooking contests that offer great prizes.

Don’t Miss Next Year’s Barcelona Carnival

If you didn’t make it this year, then you can plan now to ensure that you have the opportunity to enjoy the Barcelona Carnival in 2018. As you may expect, our luxury villas fill up fast during this event, so contact us here at Exceptional Staysto reserve your preferred vacation residence during next year’s festivities. Our friendly and professional staff members are available to help you choose the perfect villa for your needs, and we’ll do everything possible to ensure that your Barcelona vacation is absolutely perfect.

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