A Weekend in Telluride: Relax, Move, and Admire

The enchanting mountain town of Telluride has everything you need for a dream weekend getaway. Whether you need relaxation, adventure, or a culture-filled weekend, the activities are endless. That’s why we created a guide on how to spend a weekend in Telluride. Whether you want to live like a local or hole up in your Telluride condo rental, this guide will show you the best way to do so. Check it out!

A Weekend in Telluride – A Weekend of Relaxation

One of Telluride’s best aspects is its versatility. One day you can be bounding through the forest and the next you’re sitting by a fireplace with a glass of wine. Nothing is stopping you from having an incredibly relaxing weekend. Though there are tourists, almost all of them are there with the same intent as you—to enjoy a weekend for themselves and their loved ones. So, whether you choose to stay in the Town of Telluride or up at Mountain Village, there are various ways to sit back and unwind. We list a few relaxing activities, restaurants, and more, below.

Where to Eat:

  • Butcher and Baker Café

An incredible way to start your morning, Butcher and Baker Café has been bringing people in for a scrumptious breakfast since 2009. It’s a café, deli, bakery, and bistro—all in one. It has some of the best staple breakfast items you’ve ever had.

  • Altezza at the Peaks

After a day of relaxation, you may crave a fancy dinner with a gorgeous view—that’s what you’ll find at Altezza. Their dinner menu is vast and delicious, the wine is incredible, and the service is impeccable. It’s a definite must-visit.

What to Do:

  • Studio Telluride

Begin your weekend with some much-needed Pilates. It will help you start your trip on a note of self-reflection and encourage positive mental and emotional health. They have a few different classes for you to choose from that will target whatever areas you need to work on.

  • PURE Beauty and Wellness Spa

If you want a calming weekend, a spa day is the best thing you can do. PURE has various treatments to help you rejuvenate and heal. Not to mention they have a beautiful salt cave for meditation, yoga, and more.

  • Oxygen Bar

If you’re new to the high altitudes of Telluride, then an oxygen bar is just what you need to truly unwind. After Pilates and a massage, head to one of the various oxygen bars in Telluride to energize and breathe easy. Then you can head off to unwind and enjoy your vacation rental.

A Weekend in Telluride – A Weekend of Adventure

It is not hard to find an adventure in Telluride. No matter the season, there’s plenty for an adventure seeker to find. Whether it’s speeding down a 14,000-foot mountain on some skis or climbing to the top, Telluride has what you need for an exhilarating weekend trip. HospitalityNet tells us that “One in two (55%) travelers think the best thing about travel is getting outside their comfort zone.” In Telluride, you can do just that. Get your heartbeat racing with a few of our favorite ways to spend a riveting weekend in Telluride.

Where to Eat:

  • Alpino Vino

The highest restaurant in North America, Alpino Vino offers a different kind of dining experience. At 12,000 feet up, you’ll get to delve into some delicious food while looking out on one of the most beautiful sights in the country.

  • Last Dollar Saloon

A wild weekend in Telluride isn’t complete without a late-night visit to the Last Dollar Saloon. The laid-back bar is where everyone heads off to when they need a night of partying. Even if partying isn’t your thing, you should at least come in for the 60 different beer types and inviting atmosphere.

What to Do:

There’s so much to do in Telluride, it’s nearly impossible to write it all down—especially if you’re looking for a weekend full of non-stop fun. No matter the season, there’s something exciting and heart-racing to be a part of in the town.

For the summer: We recommend whitewater rafting, hiking up the 14,000-foot mountains, horseback riding, or visiting the Telluride adventure center.

In the winter: Try skiing or snowboarding, sleigh rides to mountain restaurants, snowmobiling, and more. The opportunities are endless!

A Weekend in Telluride – A Weekend of Culture

Another incredible aspect of Telluride is the fact that it’s a town brimming with history. Stepping into Telluride transports you to a simpler time. The intense mining history of the town is part of what makes it worth visiting. But if history isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other aspects to the town, such as a lively art scene, where you can immerse yourself in culture. Check out how we would spend a weekend of art and culture in Telluride, below.

Where to Eat:

  • There Bar

The eclectic hangout of Telluride, There Bar boasts tasteful small plates and playful cocktails. The unique décor complements the intimacy of the small restaurant and only gets better with the inventive drinks and apps. Try their apricot crisp martini for a delectable treat.

  • Gorrono Ranch

This lodge is the perfect hangout for those looking to experience the versatility of Telluride. Often called the Gorrono Ranch Beach, you can ski down to this restaurant, grab a brew and hang out on the “beach.” There’s typically live music and always tasty food and crafty cocktails.

What to Do:

  • Telluride Historical Museum

Telluride’s history is vast and quite exciting. Learn more about it at the Telluride Historical Museum, where you can explore the ten different exhibits. From learning about the Nuchu/Uta Native Peoples to the mining history, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge. This gold-mine of a town is sure to pique your interest.

  • Telluride Art District

You could spend your whole day wandering Telluride’s Art District. Check out the Warehouse—a gem among the Telluride art scene that provides a platform for thought-provoking works. The town tries to focus on strengthening the connection with culture and ideas across the world. You’re sure to find some incredible pieces as you peruse.

  • Sheridan Opera House

There’s almost always something going on at the Sheridan Opera House. From classic rock concerts to jazz festivals, there’s something to meet everyone’s musical taste. Look and see if there’s a show going on the weekend you visit—there’s often some sort of festival lined up that you can delve into as well!


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