How to get to Telluride

How to Get to Telluride: Plan a Memorable Road Trip

From the moment you arrive in Telluride, adventure is right at your fingertips. However, you don’t have to wait until you check in to your vacation rental from Exceptional Stays for fun to begin. When deciding how to get to Telluride, skip the airport and expensive airfare and travel via car. A road trip is a great way to enjoy a mini-vacation within your vacation. 

A successful road trip takes a bit of planning, but the work you do before heading out the door can reduce stress while leaving more room for adventure.

How to Get to Telluride – Step 1: Research Your Route

No matter where you are driving from, there are bound to be memorable adventures on the way. Take the time to see what stops you want to make along the way. If making the drive from Denver to Telluride, experience the thrill of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park or learn something new at Walking Mountains Science Center in Vail. 

Another important thing to look up on your route is hotels and overnight rest stops. Those making the journey from places to Arizona, Texas, or California, will probably need to split their travel up into multiple days. Pre-booking your hotels is always a good idea, but sometimes you might feel a little more spontaneous. This is why it’s essential to know which towns have accommodations before setting out.

Step 2: Prep for the Journey

In addition to knowing where you’re going to stop along the drive, it’s always a good idea to make sure your car is stocked with all the road trip essentials. This can include things like:

  • An emergency car kit
  • A cooler with snacks and drinks
  • Books or an e-reader with books pre-downloaded
  • Cozy blanket and pillow
  • Car ride games, both physical and ones that require your imagination, to help pass the time 

Step 3: Pack Your Bags and Hit the Road

The last thing you want on your journey is to have your car be filled with bags. Packing light not only gives you and your family more room to relax in the car but also gives you ample room for whatever goodies you find during your adventures in Telluride.

At Exceptional Stays, we know how important it is to pack light, so we’ve partnered with local companies to take care of some of the bigger items, including things for babies like cribs, walkers, toys, and Pack n’ Plays. We also work with local services that can come to your vacation rental and outfit you and your family with appropriate ski equipment.

No matter how you get to Telluride, whether by car or plane, unwind after your journey in comfort at a vacation home from Exceptional Stays. We work to bring every guest an incredible vacation experience. Reserve your luxury accommodation online today.

Book your one-of-a-kind stay with us online today!


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