Healthy Aspects of Your Punta Mita Golf Vacation

Golf enthusiasts from every country in the world can all agree on one thing, and it’s the fact that there is no better getaway than a golf vacation. It can only be made better by escaping the cold winter months for the tropical destination of warm and welcoming Punta Mita, Mexico, which is home to two superb Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses. Both the Pacifico and the Bahia courses offer challenging play for top golfers as well as fun and excitement for new players, and you’re all sure to enjoy the magnificent views of the mighty Pacific Ocean as you navigate your way through these courses. Those who need another reason to get away for a Punta Mita golf vacation should read on to learn about how this wonderful sport can actually improve your overall health and well-being.

The Fabulous Health Benefits of Golfing

If anyone is giving you trouble about all the time that you spend on the golf course, then you’ll need to show them this article. Your golf game is working to make you a happier, healthier individual, so it’s time very well spent. In fact, if your friends, spouse and children aren’t already playing, then this is a great time to get them started in the incredible sport of golf as well.

Relieves Stress

Whether you’re stressing over family matters or the boss is giving you some bad days at work, you’ll find that your stress melts away as your golf game progresses. The simple act of walking along in the fresh air, the friendly banter with your golf buddies and the mental stimulation that your brain encounters as you line up that perfect shot all contribute to the release of endorphins. These are completely natural mood elevators, and you’ll feel energized, relaxed and rejuvenated as a direct result of your golf game. Those same mood elevators also help with depression and anxiety.

Encourages a Healthy Weight

If you’re struggling with the battle of the bulge around your middle or want to maintain an already healthy weight, then golf is going to help you with that. Doctors tell us that we’ll stay fit and healthy if we walk 10,000 steps a day, and you’ll get more than enough steps in if you ditch the golf cart and walk the course instead. Men may expect to burn 2,500 calories or more during an 18-hole game, and women will burn about 1,500 calories.

Ensures a Good Night of Sleep

Those who play golf during the day aren’t going to have any trouble with tossing and turning when it’s time to go to sleep at night. Golfing provides the type of exercise that actually helps you to go to sleep faster and remain in a deep sleep longer so that you’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready for a day of fun activities. During that time of deep sleep is when your body works to repair any damaged muscles as well.

Improves Heart Health

Any time that you’re up and moving is good news for your heart because exercise works to get the blood pumping through your heart. When you play golf, the walking from hole to hole, swinging your club and carrying your golf bag all work together to get your heart rate up and get that blood flowing, and that minimizes your risk of suffering from diabetes, a stroke, a heart attack and many other unpleasant and possibly dangerous medical issues. Playing golf regularly may also get your blood pressure numbers down and lower your bad cholesterol.

Stimulates Your Brain

Walking the golf course also sends a strong blood supply to your brain, which is essential for clarifying your thinking skills and keeping you sharp as a tack both on and off the course. As an added bonus, your day of golfing also strengthens your brain’s memory circuits so that you’ll be much more likely to remember things and lose any fogginess that may have occurred. Overall, you’ll find your thinking skills much sharper and more focused.

Provides Healthy Sun Exposure

Yes, you’ll want to cover yourself in a good waterproof sunscreen before you head out for a day of golf, but being out in the sun actually offers several health benefits. The sun provides us with a natural source of vitamin D, and that helps keep bones and muscles strong and healthy and discourages the development of such medical disorders as osteoporosis, depression, anxiety and several types of cancer.

Luxury Accommodations Right On the Golf Course

Those who choose to lodge with us here at Exceptional Stays may expect to discover a luxurious villa right on Punta Mita’s award-winning golf courses. These are just a few of our Punta Mita vacation villas that we offer for rental all year around.

Villa Estrella

This lovely villa truly has it all, and it starts with five bedrooms and six baths beautifully situated across a full 10,000 square feet of luxurious living space. Up to 12 of your favorite people will enjoy a comfortable stay in Villa Estrella, which is not only steps away from both golf courses but also within a short walking distance to the beach. The 180-degree ocean views from this home are superb, and it can be seen from all three levels of the home as well as from the private plunge pool. A staff is included that includes a chef and a housekeeper, and other featured amenities are a hot tub, a game room, a home theater and easy access to tennis courts and scenic walking trails.

Casa Koko

Large groups of up to 18 adults and four children may expect an elegant stay at Casa Koko. Exquisitely designed inside and out, this private home boasts nine suites and 11.5 baths across more than 23,000 square feet of delightful living space. While you’re playing all day on the golf course right next to the residence, your private chef will be preparing your favorite meals that waiters will serve while the housekeeper tidies up. A driver and a private car are also available to take your group anywhere that you might like to go, and other amenities include a private hot tub and an infinity pool, an excellent view of the ocean and easy access to the beach club, excellent restaurants and the community tennis courts.

Make Your Punta Mita Golf Vacation Plans Today

Here at Exceptional Stays, we’re proud to offer luxury Punta Mita vacation residences as well as a dedicated concierge team to assist each client with perfecting their specific vacation plans. We’ll get your flight booked to and from Punta Mita, reserve your tee time on the golf course each day and create a personalized itinerary that features all of the wonderful water and land activities that you’d like to pursue during your vacation. Just let us know how we can help make your stay better when you contact us to reserve one of the wonderful residences listed above or any of our other luxury vacation rentals. If you don’t see a home that suits your needs listed here, then we’ll be happy to show you our many other wonderful rental options.

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