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How to Get to Telluride, Colorado

It’s not uncommon for more than 500,000 people to travel to stunning Telluride, Colorado, each year, and the largest numbers turn up for the winter ski season and the summer festival season. Visitors come from every state in America and from many other countries as well, and they’re drawn in by the incredible outdoor activities available all year around in this beautiful mountain town as well as the beyond-luxury accommodations, delightful dining and shopping opportunities, many special events or the ability to get away from it all in a private vacation rental nestled high in the mountains with nothing but your family and the wildlife for company. Whatever reason you may have for spending time with us here in Telluride, you’ll need to get here first. Read on to learn more about the different ways you might like to find your way to Telluride.

How to Get to Telluride With a Direct Flight

Most of our visitors opt to fly into the area, and that makes good sense because it gives you more time to actually settle in and enjoy your entire stay. There are several flight options that you’ll want to consider, and the most popular ones are listed below. Keep in mind that those lodging with us here at Exceptional Stays may count on our dedicated concierge team to make your flight reservations and arrange for a private car to pick you up and take you straight to your vacation rental if you wish.

Denver International Airport

Our out-of-the-country visitors normally choose this airport as it is the closest international airport to Telluride. Once you’ve landed here, you’ll still be about 350 miles from Telluride, but there are many ways that you can continue your journey right from this airport.

  • Fly a Little Further: You can catch a connecting flight with Boutique Air from the Denver International Airport directly to the Telluride Regional Airport. That’s your fastest option, and you may expect to arrive in Telluride in about 1 hour 21 minutes.
  • Catch the Train: While this provides a rather lengthy trip into Telluride, it’s the right choice if you’d like the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Colorado. You can take a 37-minute ride from the Denver Airport Station to the Union Station, which will take you on your 9 hour 29 minute journey into Telluride. Note: This ride takes you into town by way of the Amtrak Thruway operated by Express Arrow and by connecting bus.
  • Rent a Car: You can drive yourself into Telluride thanks to the dozen major rental car companies that are represented at the Denver International Airport. These include Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Advantage, Budget, Enterprise and National. Your drive should take you about 7 hours 31 minutes.
  • Limo Services: Dozens of respected limo services are also available to take you from Denver International Airport and into Telluride. Box Canyon Limo is just one of the trusted companies that regularly brings visitors into Telluride, and you may expect a pleasant ride in a luxury SUV with extras that include beverages, an iPod hookup, Sirius satellite radio and a DVD player with an excellent selection of movies to choose from.

Montrose Regional Airport

Those coming in on domestic flights will probably want to fly into Montrose Regional Airport, which is only about 67 miles outside of Telluride. From there, it’s a breeze to reach your destination.

  • A Short Flight: From this airport, you can catch a short 75-minute flight directly to the Telluride Regional Airport.
  • Shuttle Service: You may choose to catch the shuttle van at this airport, and it will take you into Telluride. Expect a ride of 1 hour 52 minutes.
  • Catch the Bus: Direct bus service is available hourly from this airport to Telluride, and the ride takes 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Rent a Car: Montrose Regional Airport also offers car rentals from several companies that include Avis, Enterprise, Budget and National. Your drive into Telluride should take you approximately 1 hour 52 minutes.
  • Private Car Transfer: The trusted company of Jayride will send a car and driver to pick you up at this airport and bring you into Telluride. This journey is also 1 hour and 52 minutes.
  • Uber: These drivers are often found waiting at the airport, so you can count on catching an Uber driver to take you into Telluride.

Non-Stop Flights 2018/2019

For your convenience, there are several non-stop flights from a variety of well-known airlines that are available to Montrose/Telluride for 2018/2019. This is especially nice for those families who are traveling with young children, but everyone is more than welcome to take advantage of these convenient non-stop flights.

How to Get to Telluride with a Vehicle

Many couples and families across America enjoy a car trip as part of their vacation, and you can drive right into Telluride if you wish. This is a great way to stop and see the sites as you make your way to your destination at your own pace, and many of our vacation rentals come with parking space. Just put Telluride into your GPS, and head on over for a nice stay with us.

Great Ways to Travel Light

Whether you fly or drive, it can be a big hassle to have to pack everything that you’ll need for the entire family during your stay in Telluride. Fortunately, here at Exceptional Stays, we have some great ways to help you travel light while still having everything that you could possibly want or need while you’re here on vacation. For example, we offer a special shipping service for those who plan to spend the Christmas holiday with us in Telluride, and you can send your gifts ahead so that we can place them under the Christmas tree prior to your scheduled arrival.

We also work with local companies that make it possible for you to bring your infants and toddlers on vacation without having to pack any of their things. These companies supply everything you could imagine wanting or needing for your children, and this includes cribs, highchairs, infant tubs, changing tables, playpens, swings, walkers, Pack ‘n Plays and all manner of toys. All of these items are clean and safe, and each may be set up in your vacation rental by the time you arrive.

In regards to any ski equipment, we have you covered there as well with local companies that will come straight to your vacation home to fit your entire family for skis, ski boots and skiwear so that you don’t have to pack any of those bulky items. Bicycles and helmets are also readily available for rental for those of all ages even right down to the little ones who may still need training wheels.

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