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Fun in Tulum for Nature Lovers

Millions of people from all over the world flock to Mexico’s beautiful Tulum each year, and there’s good reason for you to come experience it for yourself. Perfectly situated along the clear waters of the Caribbean coast, Tulum is home to a wide selection of wonderful things to do and see, and these include archaeological ruins, white-sand beaches with several available water activities, a lively nightlife scene, many fun tours, and plenty of excellent restaurants. Nature enthusiasts are particularly attracted to Tulum for its many outdoor activities, and these are just a few of the area’s most popular natural attractions and wildlife areas.

LabnaHa Cenotes and Eco Park Adventures

This is a truly beautiful spot to spend an entire day, and it’s made extra nice by the fact that only small groups are allowed in at one time so that each guest receives individualized attention. Participants will find themselves in a lush jungle that is filled with rock formations, plant life and many animals, and several activities are offered. You may enjoy a hike through the jungle with a knowledgeable local guide who will point out and explain each plant and animal, a delightful snorkeling or scuba diving adventure in the gorgeous underground river or an adrenaline-pumping zip line ride high above the jungle floor.

Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

A short drive delivers visitors to this incredible nature reserve that is an animal lover’s dream come true. You’ll see several animals that include spider monkeys, howler monkeys, pumas, jaguars and many beautiful bird species, and each is housed in its natural habitat. You may also take a canoe out onto the lovely lagoon to paddle about as long as you like, get your heart rate up with a zip line experience and visit a Mayan village where you can take a guided tour through thatched huts, see meals being prepared over outdoor open fires and even buy beautiful clothing handmade by the women of the village.

Tulum Monkey Sanctuary

This 60-acre ranch is home to several rescued spider monkeys who are allowed to live safely in their natural environment. Other rescued animals include squirrel monkeys, capuchin monkeys that are so accustomed to people that they’ll sit on your shoulder, ring-tailed lemurs, ostriches, boars, goats and deer. Many of these animals may be fed by hand, and everyone enjoys the chance to pet the goats, deer and other friendly animals. A knowledgeable tour guide will tell you all about each animal, and only small groups are taken out at one time so that you can be sure of having all of your questions thoroughly answered. If you remember to bring your bathing suit, then you’ll be welcome to take a swim in the beautiful cenote before you leave.

Dolphinaris Tulum

If your dream vacation revolves around the opportunity to swim with dolphins, then you’ve come to the right place. Several programs are offered, and you may choose to swim alongside a dolphin or take it for a ride, play ball with a dolphin or even learn a little bit about training and understanding dolphins. However you wish to interact with the dolphins, you will always enjoy a safe experience in the company of a professional trainer. These dolphins are extremely friendly to people, and you should expect to receive a dolphin kiss while you’re in the water. Children must be at least 3 years old to participate. There’s also a large viewing area available where everyone may watch the dolphins play together.

Dos Ojos Park

The Dos Ojos River is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, and there are many ways to enjoy it and other areas of the park during a full day’s visit. Visitors may snorkel or scuba dive in the river or in several clear-water cenotes that are located in the park. Those who want to see the river without getting wet may like to take a hike on the well-maintained trails that surround the river. Bikes are available for rental if you don’t feel like walking. You may also explore archaeological ruins, free dive into the deepest cenote and visit the onsite Ice Age Museum, which takes you through the history of the oldest human remains found in the park’s cenotes.


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