Four Fabulous Menorca Beaches

No matter where you live your life, chances are good that you’re just like the millions of other people from all around the globe who sit and dream about the beach life when it’s time for some much-needed rest, relaxation and fun. Now is a great time to stop just thinking about it because you can easily plan the perfect beach vacation on Spain’s beautiful island of Menorca today.  

Ideally surrounded by the clear, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is famous for its beautiful, seemingly endless beaches, and you’ll find the perfect beach whether you’ve come for a family vacation or a romantic retreat for two. Even if you’re flying solo, you won’t be that way for long because you’re certain to meet other beach lovers who are looking for some new friendships along with some fun and excitement. These are just a few of Menorca’s best beaches.

1. Cala Galdana

This wonderful bay is simply gorgeous, and it’s a favorite of families with young children because the water is swimming-pool warm and contains no large waves. This makes it extra safe for the little ones to enjoy swimming and playing in the water. The sandy beach is clean and wide enough for children to run, play and build sandcastles, and the gorgeous surrounding pine trees offer plenty of shelter from the sun. When you get hungry or hot, you might want to retreat to the nearby restaurants or beach bars, and you may also rent boats or kayaks to enjoy for the day.

2. Cala Macarella

If you don’t mind a bit of a walk and have snorkeling or scuba diving in mind, then this stunning beach is the right place for you. The water is extremely clear, so you’ll be able to see the underwater inhabitants easily. This area imposes strict fishing restrictions, so you can expect to see great schools of fish, all sorts of colorful sea creatures, plenty of starfish, sea anemones, sea sponges and maybe even an octopus. While you can certainly enjoy a day of swimming at this beach, you’ll want to head over to the eastern end of the beach where the tall cliffs are for the best snorkeling or diving. Both a restaurant and a beach bar are nearby, and a short walk will take you to a small cove where nude sunbathing is allowed. 

3. Son Bou

With over a mile of gorgeous golden sand, Son Bou holds the distinction of being the longest beach in Menorca. This beach is a favorite of families because the sand slopes very gently into the sea, which provides a safe area for small children to play and older children to swim. Beyond the swimming area, surfers can catch some good waves to ride, and there are generally equipment rentals available for all types of water activities. As you wander around the beach, you’ll find several beach bars, but be advised that nude sunbathers are often found at the far end of this beach. You may feel free to join them if you like.

4. La Vall

If you’re looking for a lovely beach for a day of family fun without the huge crowds, then you’ll definitely want to visit La Vall. It’s generally sparsely populated, and the children may swim in two crystal-clear bays with literally no current to speak of. There’s normally room to set up a volleyball net for a game on the beach, and a pick-up soccer game is a regular occurrence. The waters in this area are protected, so you’ll want to rent a kayak or bring your snorkel gear so that you may enjoy seeing the sea life. You can bring your own picnic lunch, head over to a nearby restaurant or take advantage of the food vendors on the beach

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