Fishing in Punta Mita

True fishing enthusiasts aren’t necessarily out on the professional fishing circuit, but they can be found everywhere. They are the men and women who can’t stop talking about their last fishing trip and regard their fishing pole as their most prized possession. You’ll know them by the way that they start looking at the clock wistfully right after lunch every Friday afternoon, while they count down the seconds until it’s time to get out to the local lake or river to start catching those fish. If you are one of those people who aren’t truly happy unless you are out wetting a line, then you owe it to yourself to schedule a trip to beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico, for what is likely to be the best fishing trip of your entire lifetime. You can even bring the entire family for vacation even if they don’t like to fish because Punta Mita promises the perfect tropical vacation with a huge variety of activities in an absolutely gorgeous setting.

Battling the Big One

If you are ready for the fishing challenge of a lifetime, then you can make arrangements to embark on one of Punta Mita’s convenient deep-sea fishing charters. Make sure you are prepared by arriving well-rested and in reasonable shape because you are about to be sailed out to the deepest waters. Once you’ve reached your destination, you will be buckled into a safety seat to await that first bite from a mighty fish that is ready to fight for its life.


The black marlin is a popular game fish that is often hooked in these waters, and the fight these fish will put you through is something that is spoken of with awe in all of the local restaurants and bars. The black marlin enjoys the title of being the fastest fish on the planet, and it can swim up to an incredible 80 miles per hour. That amazing swimming speed coupled with the fact that you may have a fish that weighs up to 1,000 pounds on your line may mean that you will be fighting to land it for several hours on end. There are several different kinds of game fish that may be attracted to your bait out in the deep blue sea. You may also expect to hook a variety of large sharks, yellow-fin tuna, blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo and dorado. Your captain will be ready to take your picture with your catch when you haul in the big one.

Up Close and Personal

You may also want to try something a little different with a spear-fishing adventure. If you are interested in scuba diving in Punta Mita’s clear waters, then you can combine that fun activity with this exciting way to catch fish. You may expect to spear such fish as amberjack, red snapper and roosterfish.

Fish From the Beach

If these other options don’t appeal to you, then you can still enjoy some amazing fishing right from the beach. This is a popular early morning activity in Punta Mita, and you can expect to reel in fish that may include sierra and crevalle jack.

Have Your Catch Prepared

While catch-and-release is mandatory for some fish and highly recommended for others, there are some fish that you may catch that you can keep for your dinner. Fortunately, several local Punta Mita restaurants are happy to let you bring your fresh catch right in to be prepared in a number of creative ways that will delight your taste buds.

Four Fabulous Fishing Charters in Punta Mita

Before beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico, became one of the world’s most luxurious, tropical vacation destinations, it was a simple fishing village. The local fishermen still make their living from the bountiful surrounding waters, and those looking for game fishing often make this popular activity a priority during their Punta Mita vacation. You can walk right down to the water from your villa to catch some fish from the shore, but you’ll also find several excellent fishing charters that can take you to the very best spots where the fish can be found. Here are just a few of the many professional, reliable fishing charter companies that can take you out for an exceptional fishing experience.

1. Y-Knot Fishing and Tours

If you’ve come to Punta Mita with visions of big-game fishing in your head, then this is the company that you’ll want to use for your fishing charter. You’ll find a captain and crew that can all speak English perfectly and take pride in knowing where the big fish are and exactly how to catch them. Up to four anglers may enjoy a personalized fishing charter on one of several boats that are licensed, carefully maintained and filled with everything that is needed to haul in the biggest fish. You may even be the lucky fisherman who catches one of the area’s famous, 380-pound cow tunas. You’ll also be provided with food and drinks throughout the day, and the crew will be happy to clean and ice any fish that you’ve caught and plan to keep. Check out this chart of the fish that you may catch, and you can lock in your reservations today.

2. Ocean Adventure Charters

Another great choice, this company offers sport fishing for up to four anglers on their exceptionally well-maintained, 27-foot super-panga boat. You can expect to be taken to warm, clear waters that are home to marlin and yellow-fin tuna that weigh in at over 300 pounds and 80-pound wahoo that are caught all year around. Your captain speaks excellent English, and you’ll be treated to a homemade, authentic Mexican meal at lunchtime that is freshly prepared by the captain’s wife. Soft drinks, bottled water and beer are available throughout the trip. Book early to lock in your desired dates.

3. Punta Mita Charters

You can’t go wrong with this company that has been offering quality services for some 19 years. You’ll have your choice of 23 boats that are all in pristine condition, and an expert guide will be present and active for every trip. You may choose between the 28-foot boats with a central console and a bath or the smaller 24-foot boats. Anglers using this service have brought in some amazing fish that include rooster fish, mahi mahi, sailfish, tuna and blue and black marlin. Learn more about Punta Mita Charters today.

4. Punta Mita Adventures

This company provides exceptional adventure trips in many categories, and you can plan to enjoy a day of fishing in excellent locations that include El Morro, Corbetena, Sequial and El Banco. You’ll have an experienced guide to lead the way, and you may expect to hook some big fish, including trophy-sized marlin, tuna, and, sailfish. You’re sure to enjoy a wonderful fishing experience with Punta Mita Adventures.

Where to Stay

At Exceptional Stays, we will help you select the perfect rental luxury villa to stay in while you enjoy your fishing experience and everything else that Punta Mita has to offer. Just give us a call today at 888-473-8456, and you will soon be on your way to an amazing tropical adventure.

These are just a few of our Punta Mita vacation homes that are available at this writing, and each of these incredible residences boast a private chef who is very knowledgeable about preparing your fresh-caught fish as well as authentic Mexican dishes and all of your favorite snacks and meals.

Casa Koko

Combine your Punta Mita fishing vacation with time spent golfing when you choose Casa Koko for your vacation residence because it sits right on our world-class golf course. Up to 22 people may expect a comfortable stay in this fabulous private home that offers nine bedrooms and 11.5 baths across a whopping 23,100 square feet of amazing living space. In addition to a full staff to care for your every want and need, guests will also enjoy a fabulous ocean view, a gorgeous infinity pool, a hot tub, an in-house exercise room, a home theater and easy access to the tennis courts, excellent restaurants and the neighboring beach club with its many activities and events.

Casa Querencia

Beautifully situated right on the beach in the highly desirable residential community of Kupuri, Casa Querencia is suitable for as many as 20 individuals to stay in complete comfort. It boasts seven bedrooms and 9.5 baths across nearly 14,000 square feet of beautiful living space, and the services and amenities are seemingly endless. Guests will enjoy a full staff of five along with multiple swimming pools, a glorious hot tub, a home theater, a game room, a basketball court and a beach volleyball court and easy access to the Kupuri Beach Club with its fine dining options, spa services, tennis courts and so much more.

Casa Tres Soles

Talk about spacious, Casa Tres Soles offers 18,000 square feet of indoor living space and another 20,000 square feet of outdoor space so that all of the guests have plenty of room to roam and enjoy each other’s company as well as a wealth of individualized private space. Up to 20 people are welcome to stay, and you’ll have nine exquisite bedroom suites and 11.5 baths to call your own. The landscaped grounds are simply beyond beautiful, and you’re sure to adore the large private pool, the sauna, the home theater and the short walk down to your own white-sand private beach. A full staff comes with this home and includes two private vehicles with drivers to take you anywhere that you’d like to go.

Punta Mita

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