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Driving From Denver to Telluride

Denver is a booming city full of life, and we can see why you call it home. The hustle of urban life can sometimes be a grind though that only a vacation can fix. In Telluride, you can fully embrace yourself in the undisturbed natural beauty of Colorado. The 6-7 drive from Denver to Telluride has tons of amazing places to stop and enjoy on the way. The Exceptional Stays team has put together this guide for how to have the perfect road trip driving from Denver to Colorado. You can reach out to Exceptional Stays for anything you need for the perfect Telluride vacation!

Tips for Your 6–7 Hour Drive From Denver to Telluride

  • Plan out your pitstops ahead of time to make the most of your 6-7 hour Denver to Telluride drive. We have some excellent pitstop suggestions later on in the blog.
  • Make sure you check that your car is up to date on its maintenance. The last thing you want is to see you’re due for an oil change in the middle of driving from Denver to Telluride.
  • Don’t rely on cell phone data because not only can this use a lot of data but you might not always get stellar service. We suggest you download your directions and entertainment before you start driving from Denver to Telluride. 

7 Places To Stop at While Driving From Denver to Telluride

  1. San Isabel National Forest: Come and explore Colorado’s highest mountain peaks along the Continental Divide while driving from Denver to Telluride.
  2. Tiny Town: If you have kids, this cute little theme park is a great place to stop for an hour or two while driving from Denver to Telluride.
  3. Historic South Park City: Explore the historic remains of the gold rush on your drive from Denver to Telluride.
  4. Gunnison Pioneer Museum: While driving from Denver to Telluride, take a pit stop to learn about Gunnison’s pioneer history.
  5. Blue Mesa Reservoir: During the warmer months, you can stop at Colorado’s largest lake during your drive from Denver to Telluride.
  6. Bachelor Syracuse Mine: Learn about the mining industry that built the San Juan Mountains communities while you’re driving from Denver to Telluride.
  7. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park: Take a gander at this magnificent geological structure while you’re taking a break driving from Denver to Telluride.

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