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Costa Brava is a coastal region in northeastern Spain. It begins in Blanes and stretches to the French border. Since the area features an ideal summer climate, stunning beaches and plenty of nature, it is a place where tourists like to roam.

An Intriguing Past

While it’s tough for historians to pinpoint the exact start to a region, archaeologists have unearthed sepulchers dating back to the Neolithic era in the Pinell region of Costa Brava. They’ve also discovered Mesolithic monuments like Dolmenes and Menhires.

The Iberians were early inhabitants of the Costa Brava area. This is a society that began around the 6th century BC. However, some historians believe that it could have started as early as the 5th century. It lasted until the 3rd millennium BC. The Iberian people lived in villages and used tribal organization to maintain their society. Researchers have even found clues of a Greek civilization in Rosas. After the Iberian people died out or left, the Romans arrived to the province.

Christianity came to the region during the 4th and 5th century. When it did, Spain started reforms of Dioclesiano. Plagues decimated the number of people living in Costa Brava, and around 715, the Muslim Conquest overtook the area. During the 9th century, Carlomagno reclaimed the coast from the Muslims.

A Place for Leisure Time

The beaches situated along Catalonia’s coast were used by the locals for leisure time until the first world war. Before this major event, Cote d’ Azur was a popular place for people to visit while Costa Brava remained mainly undiscovered by travelers until the war. Following the Spanish Civil War, the country became less isolated. Because of the sunshine and the sea, people discovered that this part of Spain made for a nice destination.

The 1950s

During the 1950s, the Spanish government and local businesspeople identified Costa Brava as being a good place for development, turning it into an official holiday destination. Locals saw the benefits of offering vacation packages for travelers from Northern Europe. People from the United Kingdom and France especially enjoyed visiting this region of Spain. This resulted in tourism overtaking fishing as the area’s main form of business.

About the Culture

While most of Costa Brava’s coastline is dedicated to tourism, other areas have held onto their traditional style. For instance, Cadaques is near the French border by the foothills of the Pyrenees. This location has made it attractive to famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro.

Taking a Peek at Yesterday

Named for the stunning cliffs and coves that dot the coast, Costa Brava is a place where you can see what the past looked like. Cobblestone streets, stone walls and towers are intriguing to the world’s history buffs while the region’s beaches and warm climate have brought people to its shores for years.

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