Celebrate the Christmas Season in Tulum

Everyone loves the holiday season, but there’s a lot of stress and hard work that goes into all of those special parties, huge meals and home decorations. It’s a wonderful idea to give yourself a break this year, and you can do just that by planning your Christmas and New Year’s festivities in Mexico’s beautiful Tulum. You’ll enjoy an incredible tropical getaway along the gorgeous Caribbean coastline with perfect temperatures around 75 degrees, and you’re sure to experience an amazing holiday season during your stay in Tulum.

Las Posadas

This is just one of the local traditions that is found throughout Mexico, and it’s observed each year on Dec. 16-24. It was originally a time when children dressed up as Mary and Joseph and led a parade of their friends and neighbors throughout the streets in observance of the religious holiday. These days, it’s more of a Christmas street party, and you’re likely to see large parades that are filled with dancing and singing revelers. All kinds of vendors are positioned along the streets to sell their lighted necklaces, delicious confections and local foods, and the nights usually end with a big fireworks show.

During this time, there are regular celebrations in most every bar and restaurant in town, and you may expect to be entertained by a popular DJ or live performers while you enjoy a buffet-style meal. It’s also typical for the city park to be beautifully decorated with dressed-up trees and thousands of blinking lights.

Christmas Eve

The celebrations really get going on Dec. 24, and the festivities begin right after the late night mass that ends at midnight. Visitors are always welcome to attend mass at any of Tulum’s churches, and it doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic. Once the religious ceremonies have ended, the parties pop up in various spots all over town with many restaurants open for the late-night feast that includes ham, turkey and every local dish imaginable. The alcohol tends to flow as well with the traditional drink of hot spiced cider and many other spirits. If you’re not interested in the feast, then you’ll have no trouble finding a bar that is open late in honor of this special night.

Christmas Dinner

Once you’ve slept in and recovered from your festive Christmas Eve, it will be time to sit down to a wonderful Christmas dinner. You’re in luck because there are several Tulum restaurants that are open and serving traditional Christmas fare on Dec. 25. Casa Gaviota and Hartwood are just two of the best restaurants that you’ll find open on Christmas day, and both will offer you some local holiday favorites in addition to the traditional holiday meal.

New Year’s Eve

This festive night of the year is celebrated much the same in Mexico as it is in America, and that means a party atmosphere all night long. Follow the sounds of music down to the beach, and you’ll be welcome to join in the many pop-up parties. Spend the last night of the year with new friends dancing and drinking around the bonfire on the beach, and fireworks are always set off at midnight. There are also plenty of bars and clubs that offer live entertainment on New Year’s Eve. Casa Jaguar is one of the most popular party venues, and it boasts an incredible reputation for its wild parties in the jungle. The Ziggy Beach Club also hosts a special party on the beach each New Year’s Eve.

A Holiday Celebration With the Entire Family

Christmas is one of the most important times of the year for families to reconnect and enjoy the company of one another. The good news is that you can have your tropical getaway in Tulum while still spending time with the family. We make that easy when you stay with us here at Exceptional Stays, and you’ll find plenty of room for everyone at Casa Cantarena, our gorgeous beachfront vacation home. With room for as many as 10 individuals, this private home offers exceptional perks that feature a large swimming pool, a hot tub, a home theater and a full staff. This includes a personal chef who is more than happy to create the perfect Christmas dinner and a housekeeper to clean up afterwards. This home is also spacious enough to host an excellent New Year’s Eve bash, and the chef knows how to make all of the best party foods.

Make Your Holiday Reservations Today

If spending the holidays in Tulum sounds exactly like what you’ve been hoping for, then you should make your reservations right away while beautiful Casa Cantarena is still available. Contact us here at Exceptional Stays today, and our dedicated concierge team will get right to work assisting you in planning the perfect holiday stay.


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