7 of The Best Spots for Photos of Telluride, Colorado

There’s a lot to love about photos of Telluride Colorado. The small town offers some of the most luxurious accommodations while placing you up close to some of the most magnificent natural features. From 14,000-foot mountains to an enchanting town square, there’s something dynamic about Telluride and its partnering Mountain Village that enraptures you.

One of those dynamic aspects is the natural beauty—it makes for some of the most stunning photography you can get. Plan your trip, and no matter the season you’ll take bewitching photos. Below we list some of the most photogenic spots in Telluride—don’t miss out!

Photos of Telluride, Colorado #1: Wilson Peak

You’ll recognize this iconic peak from the photo on the Coors Light bottle. It’s no secret that the mountains surrounding Telluride are stimulating, but this one stands out for its height and surrounding natural beauty. No matter what season you visit, you’re sure to capture a radiant shot!

Bridal Veil Falls

One of the most popular spots in Telluride takes you to Bridal Veil Falls. As the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado, this location makes for a prime selfie spot. The surrounding rock formation and natural mountain landscape make it even more enthralling.

Downtown Telluride

Of course, the historic downtown Telluride had to make the list. Every building you walk past or into is has a rich history—step inside and you’ll feel wowed. Springtime brings glorious flowers to the street, but the streets are wonderful to walk along in the winter. Take a gondola ride and enjoy the views from the city and the landscape as well!

Last Dollar Road

If you have a car handy, make sure you make time for this treasure. The scenic route will take you through some of the gorgeous spots on this list, Wilson peak included. Take your time to explore all that the road offers—you could definitely spend a whole day admiring and photographing all that the Last Dollar includes.

Photos of Telluride, Colorado #5: Alta Lakes

One of the most photogenic spots in Telluride has you take a hike. Found a bit south of Telluride, Alta Lakes gives you glorious alpine basins, mine ruins, and beautiful wildflowers. Snap some pictures of the three lakes with the San Juan Mountains in the background—action shots are a must in this locale!

Jud Wiebe Trail

Another trail (because hiking is where you get all the beauty in Telluride), is the three-mile, in-town Jud Wiebe Trail. You’ll find plenty of photo ops as you trek through the aspen trees, open meadows, and divine views of downtown Telluride.

San Miguel River

Last on our list is a well-loved spot for fly fishers. It’s one of the most popular rivers in the town, probably because it’s one of the last free-flowing, untamed rivers in Colorado. Catch the alpine views in the background and the colorful landscapes surrounding. It’s breathtaking year-round!

Plan your trip out to Telluride now and witness the glory of nature. All our Telluride house, cabin, and condo rentals will get you up close and personal with the spots on the list—not to mention the properties themselves are photogenic in their own right, so visit soon! Those mountain views we keep talking about? When you stay with us, those are in abundance. Plan your stay with Exceptional Stays now!


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