Absolutely nobody wants to think about becoming injured or ill during their vacation, but it’s an unfortunate possibility regardless of where you may roam. For this reason, many people are reluctant to travel to certain areas when they aren’t certain if reliable medical care will be available in case their health should take a bad turn. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about access to quality health care if your vacation plans include a visit to the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain.

Excellent Health Care in Barcelona

Should the need arise, those visiting Barcelona may expect to find a high quality of medical care from the several hospitals and clinics that are located throughout the city. You’ll have access to family physicians, pediatricians, diagnostic labs, emergency rooms, specialists in every field and qualified dentists available to handle any health-related issue, and most of the medical providers speak excellent English so that you won’t need to worry about making your needs understood. The pharmacies can fill most prescriptions if you should run out or lose your medications, and the city’s ambulance service is fast and reliable. These are just a few of the many medical facilities that are located near our various vacation homes.

Turo Park

Those staying in our lovely vacation home in the Turo Park area of Barcelona may expect to enjoy easy access to the Turo Park Medical Center, and you’ll find an international team of medical specialists available to care for your needs. Services are provided in areas that include family medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, cardiology and internal medicine. An onsite lab ensures quick results of any testing so that you can feel better fast.


The Sagrada Family Clinic is located conveniently nearby for those staying at our incredible vacation home in the Sarria area of the city. As the name indicates, you’ll have access to a family doctor and a pediatrician who will see to any illnesses that may occur during your family vacation. This clinic also offers a full-service lab, an image-diagnostics unit and an extensive surgery facility. Those suffering from a simple broken bone or a traumatic injury may be seen here, and you’ll also find a cardiac unit, an oncology department and a specialist for internal disorders at this excellent clinic.


If you plan a stay in our fabulous vacation home that is located in the Bonanova area of Barcelona, then you’ll have easy access to the CAP Adria. This excellent clinic offers services in general medicine, pediatrics, dentistry and emergency care. In addition to the general-care physicians, onsite specialists are available in the areas of psychiatry, endocrinology, rheumatology, dermatology and neurology. A team of professionals is available to address emergency situations around the clock and every day of the year, and an onsite pharmacy is also available for your convenience.

Villa 1904

Those staying in this stunning villa will find exemplary medical services available nearby at the Hospital de l’Esperanca. The clinic portion of the hospital offers general medicine, family care and pediatric services, and an on-site pharmacy will quickly fill any medications that are prescribed. This is also a full-service hospital that can handle serious issues that include cardiac support, emergency surgery and neurosurgery.

Villa Adriana

Thanks to its wonderful location near the Mediterranean Sea, this is one of our most popular villas. While its location doesn’t place it in a position to be surrounded by medical clinics and hospitals, visitors should be assured that ambulance service is prompt so that you’ll never be left waiting for medical services for long.

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