Telluride vs Aspen

Telluride vs Aspen for Winter Vacations

When choosing a destination for winter vacations, Colorado is an easy choice. Colorado attracts travelers from near and far with the state’s breathtaking scenery of massive mountains covered in snow. There are also plenty of thrilling winter activities. The real question you need to ask is, where in Colorado will you stay

Two of the most popular destinations in Colorado for winter vacations are Telluride and Aspen. There are a bunch of factors to weigh when comparing Telluride vs Aspen for your winter getaway. That’s why Exceptional Stays put together this guide. Keep reading to learn which Colorado skiing town is perfect for the winter vacation of a lifetime!

Telluride vs Aspen – 6 Things To Consider

  1. Factor 1 – Crowds: Telluride is smaller and more remote than Aspen. You won’t have to deal with as many crowds in Telluride vs Aspen.
  2. Factor 2 – Authenticity: Telluride’s remote location gives the area a more authentic and hidden-away feel vs Aspen, which is more commercialized. 
  3. Factor 3 – Shopping: A benefit of Aspen being more commercialized is that you can enjoy more high-end shopping and dining than you can in Telluride. Telluride still has plenty of great restaurants and shops, but there aren’t as many options as in Aspen.
  4. Factor 4 – Vibe: In Telluride, you will be in a more peaceful atmosphere vs, Aspen, which is more upbeat and bustling.
  5. Factor 5 – Nightlife: The nightlife in Telluride is relaxed and inviting. The nightlife in Aspen is vibrant and booming.
  6. Factor 6 – Skiing: Both Colorado towns have excellent skiing and other winter activities to enjoy. Although the skiing terrain in Aspen is bigger, the fewer crowds in Telluride make up for it. You can also save money skiing in Telluride if you have children. Telluride ski passes are typically cheaper than Aspen child ski passes. 

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