Telluride, is a historic Victorian Mining town, nestled in a box canyon in the heart of the Rockies, facing Bridal Vail Falls, in Southeastern Colorado. Often paired with nearby Mountain Village and associated with a large ski resort, Telluride is home to a population of close to three thousand people and thousands of visitors each year. But do not look for Telluride minerals here. Originally called Columbia, the misnomer prospered and was changed when gold telluride minerals were found in other areas of the state in the late-1800s. Accessibility Convenient access to Telluride exists by AIR and LAND. Accommodations for Private and Chartered Flights are available, and Commercial Airlines serve multiple locations, all within a one-hour shuttle to downtown. Car rentals are easily accessible, but not needed in Telluride which features a free public transportation system, and Telluride is located in a driving radius of:

  • Albuquerque 5.5 hours
  • Salt Lake City 6.5 hours
  • Phoenix 8 hours
  • Las Vegas 9 hours
  • Los Angeles 12 hours

City – Town

Telluride combines the best features of a metropolitan city, including Fine Dining, Nightlife, and Luxury Shopping, with the best features of a small town, including Privacy, Tranquility, Exclusivity, and Warmth.

Frequently ranking among major U.S. Cities for Best Food and Nightlife, Telluride is unmatched when compared with Ski Destinations and small towns. Families, Couples, and Individuals have much to enjoy.

Regional cuisine features influences from Mexico and the Southwest as well as the Alpine Region. Locally sourced meat and dairy, produce, and wine provide a robust palate for local restaurants and quick dining options. The historic Sheridan Opera House and other live music venues, dancing, pubs, and classy as well as rustic hotel bars provide options for a nightcap or mid-afternoon warmer.


If attractions received Michelin stars, the Gondola connecting Telluride and Mountain Village would receive three stars, a special experience that on its own warrants a visit. One of the most unique experiences in the continental United States, the Gondola transports a small group at stunning altitudes for a 13-minute ride. It offers hours of operation spanning sunrise, sunset, daytime and nighttime, and all free of charge. Very few attractions offering this experience, on this scale, still allow for the privacy and tranquility of sharing an intimate moment with your own party. Photos and imagery of this kind will last a lifetime.

Gone Green

The community of Telluride and Mountain Village teamed closely with government and private agencies to reduce the carbon imprint of their locality. The surrounding land, part of the identity and beauty of the Alpine region, has been protected through advocacy at the local, state, and federal level. Local businesses and public systems rely on wind power, hydroelectric power, and electricity for a large portion of their energy needs.

With public awareness of environmental conservation and protection on the rise, Telluride is an ideal location to align an indulgent vacation with freedom from guilt. Add restaurants with locally and responsibly sourced food and drink, and Telluride is easily one of the most environment-friendly vacations around.

The most popular pastime, skiing, is also one of the oldest forms of green transport. And whether you are skiing, hiking, or riding the Gondola, now is a great time to get in touch with nature, and provide learning opportunities for yourself, family and friends.

Recently called “America’s Secret Switzerland,” Telluride and Mountain Village seem like an ideal vacation destination. So why have you not heard of it? Or, why have you not gone? Maybe you associate Telluride with skiing, or extremely challenging skiing. Maybe you associate Colorado with Marijuana. Maybe warm weather destinations are more your focus. Regardless, Telluride promises much more than skiing and is bustling year round. In recent years, Telluride as well as Colorado, breaks their own record for annual visitors every year. So, put your preconceptions aside, and take advantage of one of the most exclusive luxury vacations still available in the U.S., before the secret is out.

We, at Exceptional Stays, promise an elite experience that offers destination travelers an item for their bucket list, and offers seasonal skiers a reliable host for return trips, year after year.


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