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Switzerland’s lovely village of Scuol provides the perfect escape for anyone who is looking for a natural wonderland that offers the most amazing leisure activities on the planet. You’ll understand what you’ve been missing as soon as you see picture-perfect Scuol nestled in its beautiful valley and surrounded by impressive mountain ranges, the Silvretta to the north and the Engadine Dolomites to the south. Breathe in the fresh mountain air, visit with the friendly locals and come discover all that Scuol has to offer as a perfect mountain retreat for both couples on the hunt for romance and families who are traveling with children of all ages.

World-Class Skiing

Scuol is best known for its amazing skiing opportunities, and it’s home to the fabulous Motta Naluns ski area, which offers an incredible array of snow activities for every possible skill level and those of every age group. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, visitors may also enjoy a large winter fun park, snow tubing and some very unique air-board slopes. Cross-country skiing is extremely popular in the area as well.

Mountain Hiking

If you’re a hiking enthusiasts, then you simply must visit Scuol for its many magnificent trails that showcase stunning natural views and an abundance of Alpine flora and fauna. You’ll discover some 21 trails in the incredible Swiss National Park that serve the needs of those wishing to take a hike with very young children and those who want a bit of a challenge during a full-day hike. There are also many excellent hikes found around Scuol along the lower Engadine Valley. One begins at the top of Scuol’s main gondola and heads down into the village of Ftan, and this hike is notorious for its amazing views. Another well-loved hike is for those who want a longer, more gentle day of hiking, and it takes you along the southwest side of the valley towards the rail tunnel and down into the village of Lavin.

Natural Thermal Baths

Simple geological features have made Scuol the site of many natural thermal springs, and people come from all over to relax and seek wellness with some time in these exquisite mineral baths. Ground water is naturally heated to a comfortable 77 degrees when hot gases make their way through the rock, and there are spas in the area that are dedicated to providing a day of healing comfort and complete relaxation with many different bathing rituals offered. Of course, you may also choose to just sit back and enjoy a soak after a day of skiing or hiking because it’s the best way to relax every muscle and enjoy a perfect night of sleep.

Historical and Architectural Sites

Scuol has been around at least since medieval times, and there are many examples of its history throughout the village. You may expect to see well-preserved homes and buildings from several different time periods, the Gothic-style 1516 St. George Church, the old square with its impressive fountain, a regional museum, the 11th century Tarasp Castle and many other ornate villages nearby.

More to Love About Scuol

While the above showcases the most popular things about Scuol, it also comes with everything else necessary to enjoy a full vacation experience. Several excellent restaurants offer delicious menu items for every meal of the day, and there are awesome bars that give you a chance to chat with the locals. Other popular activities include river rafting and tubing, boat tours, mountain biking, kayaking, trail running, snowshoe tours, art museums and paragliding. Of course, luxurious vacation rentals are also available with us here at Exceptional Stays.

Best Time to Visit

Those dreaming of a beautiful visit to Scuol may expect to enjoy outdoor activities all year long. The winter ski season runs between December and April, and those coming to enjoy the warmer weather activities may want to plan their stay for any time during the rest of the year with the most fair-weather activities available between June and September. Be sure to visit our Exceptional Stays site often to learn about upcoming festivals and other special events that you won’t want to miss.

How to Get to Scuol

Most visitors to Scuol fly into either the Airport Zurich (ZRH), Switzerland or the Airport Innsbruck (INN), Austria. The Zurich location is a 2.5-hour drive to Scuol, and there is a 1.5-hour drive from the Airport Innsbruck. Visitors may take a taxi or the Alpinbus from both airports right into Scuol, and it’s also possible for arrangements to be made for a private car with a driver to pick you up at the airport and take you straight to your vacation rental. Those traveling by train will find direct railway access into Scuol as well.

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