Situated in Spain’s northeastern section, Barcelona has more than 1.6 million inhabitants, and when touring the city, guests may visit numerous attractions, such as the Cathedral of Barcelona, the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, the Barcelona Zoo, the Ciutadella Park and Bogatell Beach. During 2016, at least 32 million tourists visited the city.

The Region’s Climate

The area features a Mediterranean climate, and during the summer months, the average temperature generally exceeds 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Throughout the winter, the city has a median temperature of more than 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Barcelona receives additional rainfall during the autumn, but in July, the city usually gets less than 2 inches of rain. Generally, residents can experience uninterrupted sunshine for more than 2,600 hours during each year.

The History of the City

Barcelona was originally established before 600 B.C., and after 214 B.C., Romans began to rule the city. By the 1820s, the area had a population of around 110,000 residents, yet at the beginning of the 20th century, more than 600,000 individuals resided in Barcelona. During 1950, the city contained at least 1.3 million inhabitants, and 1.8 million residents lived in Barcelona in 2003. The city is also surrounded by a metropolitan area that contains at least 5.3 million residents, and the region has an area of more than 1,645 square miles.

Choosing Numerous Activities

Visitors regularly explore the Serra de Collserola National Park, which features sizable lakes, numerous mountains that offer picturesque views of Barcelona, multiple walkways that are located in dense forests and rivers that frequently attract kayakers. With an area of at least 8,000 hectares, the park features multiple historic sites that attract thousands of visitors annually. Furthermore, the area contains a golf course, numerous beaches, a Ferris wheel and a stadium.

Guests commonly visit the Parc del Forum, which is situated next to the coastline. This facility frequently hosts concerts, festivals, trade shows and celebrations. Tourists may also explore a sizable lagoon that is surrounded by rock formations, and consequently, the Parc del Forum is frequently visited by swimmers, snorkelers and kayakers. Moreover, the reserve provides numerous trails for cyclists.

Visiting Well-Known Destinations

When exploring Barcelona, guests can tour the Casa Mila, the Museum of Modernism and the Opera Lounge. You may also visit the Sagrada Familia, which was built in 1882. With a height of 556 feet, the basilica features Roman architecture, and the church has a museum that contains numerous types of art, many exhibitions that are related to the history of the basilica, a workshop and posters that describe the techniques that the builders utilized. Moreover, you can visit the Nova Icaria Beach, which is situated in the city’s central district. This beach features numerous picnic areas, volleyball nets, areas for families, multiple cafes and a sizable boardwalk.

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