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Couples who choose to vacation on Spain’s stunning island of Mallorca will enjoy an abundance of fun and romance, but this island is also a beacon for families from all over the world. You’ll discover a wealth of child-friendly activities and many incredible destinations that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Katmandu Park is one of Mallorca’s most popular attractions for families traveling with children of all ages, and you’ll definitely want to add it to your must-experience list during your Mallorca Vacation.

About Katmandu Park

Beautifully situated right on lovely Calvia Beach with an impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea, Katmandu Park offers a day of fun for every age group. The park opens at 10 a.m. each day from April through October, and it’s recommended that you plan a stay of no less than four to six hours. If you get hungry, then just head on over to the Snack Shack for a wide variety of American meals, snacks and treats, and there’s a full bar for the parents as well. There’s also live entertainment each day, and these active shows are fun for everyone in attendance.

Explore the Attractions

Themed adventures await, and you’ll discover a magical world that revolves around the Legend of Katmandu. You’ll meet Boro the Great Yeti who is responsible for guarding the special red jewel within his icy caverns high in the Himalayan Mountains, and your fun journey will also introduce you to Kilgore Goode, the explorer and inventor who uses the jewel’s special powers to travel through time; the baby yetis Kumar and Maiya and the mermaid/merman team of Prince Merrick and Princess Cordelia. These are a few of the most popular attractions that you won’t want to miss.

  • The House: Enter this upside-down house for a magical adventure, and you’ll have a chance to meet Boro if you’re brave enough to enter his ice cave. It would be easy to stay here all day, and you’ll enjoy an abundance of interactive activities that include an amazing illusion of a shark attack, a tunnel of delightful colors, an ice-cave mirror maze and a musical enchanted forest that can only come to life with your help.
  • Zombies! XD Dark Ride: For those ages 12 and up who are looking for some scary thrills, this attraction takes you on a wild virtual rollercoaster ride through a world filled with zombies. It’s your job to destroy those brain-eating zombies with your laser guns and save all of humanity.
  • Splash Park: A great spot to cool off and have fun with the children, this is the place to find the mermaid/merman duo and a host of fun mythical sea creatures. Come stand under the drenching buckets for a good soak before heading over to the many twisting water slides, and you’ll also enjoy more than 150 interactive water activities.
  • Soft Play: A fun, safe spot for the younger guests, this area boasts five levels that are filled with giant slides, trampolines, tunnels, climbing features and interactive ball battles. While this is offered to children ages 12 and under, there is also another similar play area available that is suitable for children ages 2 to 5.
  • Expedition Golf: Two 18-hole mini golf courses are available for play, and you may choose from the theme of either fire or ice. You’re also welcome to play all 36 holes, and enjoy a wonderful selection of fabled creatures, erupting volcanoes and ice avalanches as you navigate the courses.
  • The Asylum: A terrifying thrill ride for the bravest individuals ages 12 and up, this attraction takes you into a horror film thanks to some amazing 5D technology. You’ll enter a haunted asylum and face giant crawling bugs, spirits without their heads, huge birds pecking at your eyes and insane asylum residents who want to get their hands on you.
  • 4D Experience: Though this is considered a thrill ride, it can definitely be enjoyed by those of most ages. Buckle in, and you may choose from four different 4D experiences. These include a wild virtual ride through a haunted mine in the old west, an exploration of space, a grand adventure through canyons and caves and a fun flight with a great view from your jetpack.

Reserve Your Tickets

Visitors are offered several ticket options for Katmandu Park, and the most popular one is the VIP Passport All, which allows for unlimited access to all of the attractions along with unlimited drinks and a meal at the Snack Shack. You may also choose the VIP Passport for unlimited access to all of the attractions or the Passport, which allows you to enjoy each attraction once during your visit. Those lodging in one of our Mallorca luxury vacation homes here at Exceptional Stays may count on us to reserve your preferred tickets.