Telluride Nothing Festival

Have a Blast at the Telluride Nothing Festival

The Telluride Nothing Festival is one of the most unique festivals to check out in Colorado this summer. Join the locals in celebrating the art of doing nothing. The many vibrant festivals in Telluride are exciting, but sometimes what you’re really craving is peace. Take a relaxing break from the daily grind and thrill chasing to join the Telluride Nothing Festival. You can learn more about other summer festivals by reading our Telluride Festivals to Attend This Summer blog post.

Since there isn’t advertising for this festival, we encourage you to contact us at Exceptional Stays for the most up-to-date information on the Telluride Nothing Festival. It typically happens every year around the third week of July. We can’t wait to show you the trip of a lifetime in Telluride, CO!

Experience the Telluride Nothing Festival

Telluride is full of vibrant festivals that attract travelers from all over, such as the Telluride Film Festival, Telluride Jazz Festival, and Telluride 4th of July Festival, to name just a few. The locals wanted to add to the endless festivals by creating the Telluride Nothing Festival. It celebrates absolutely nothing! 

Although the locals enjoy the commerce and energy festivals and travelers bring, they grow weary of the crowds. During the Telluride Nothing Festival, there will be no waiting in lines or struggling to find parking. This festival is a weekend of nothing. Not many people outside of the Telluride community even know about the festival because there is no advertising or tickets required. 

Watch the Telluride Nothing Festival Parade

There is one main highlight of the Telluride Nothing Festival, and you’ll probably want to leave the kids at home for it. The Telluride Nothing Festival Parade features adults strolling down Colorado Avenue with nothing on. Some accessories and body paint are worn, like fun hats, feather boas, and sunglasses. The parade participants will be walking, skateboarding, biking, jogging, and even unicycling down the street to celebrate nothing.

When: The Telluride Nothing Festival happens every year in the third week of July. 

Contact Exceptional Stays to get the inside scoop on the Telluride Nothing Festival! Join in on the art of doing absolutely nothing at one of the most unique summer festivals in Colorado!

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