Those vacationing in America tend to find the same boring options available for public transportation in every state. While there’s nothing wrong with rental cars, taxicabs, buses and subway trains, these methods of travel often become a bit tiresome. Fortunately, stunning Telluride, Colorado, offers something wonderfully unique when it comes to your transportation needs.

The Telluride Gondola System

Only in Telluride will you find this incredible form of public transportation that takes you on a beautiful ride high above the town. The entire system is made up of two gondolas and a special mode of transportation that is locally referred to as a chondola, which is a combination chairlift and gondola. Each ride is completely free of charge, and it’s a wonderful pollution-free option that helps keep the mountain air clean and clear.

The main gondola allows riders to travel back and forth between Telluride and Mountain Village with ease. During your 13-minute journey, you’ll enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the town below and spectacular 360-degree views of the San Juan Mountains. The second gondola is located just a few yards from the main gondola, and you may use this one for the short trip between the Mountain Village core and the Mountain Village Market and parking station. The chondola is located at the base of the Meadows ski run, and this is used to ride into Mountain Village so that you can connect with the rest of the gondola system.

Gondola Schedule

Since Telluride is a fabulous vacation destination during every season of the year, the gondola system is almost always available. You may ride the gondola from 6:30 a.m. to midnight from late May through the middle of October and again from the middle of November through early April. The gondola only shuts down for a brief period during the spring and fall, and other forms of transportation are available during these times. When festivals and various other special activities are being held in Telluride or Mountain Village, the gondola schedule is extended to ensure that everyone is safely returned to their vacation home at the end of a fun day. The chondola is available only during the regular ski season.

Gondola Perks

The gondola system allows you to easily enjoy everything that both Telluride and Mountain Village have to offer regardless of which area your preferred vacation home is located. Many people like to repeatedly ride back and forth simply to enjoy the view and spot wildlife below, and you’ll also find easy access to skiing, hiking trails, restaurants and shopping.

This safe mode of transportation is made even better by the presence of gondola attendants who are friendly and professional. They’re happy to assist you with the loading of strollers, skis and mountain bikes, and you’ll have access to pet-friendly cabins if you’ve brought the family dog along for your vacation. The gondola also features cabins for the handicapped, and these are large enough to accommodate full-sized wheelchairs and other types of medical equipment.

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