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Mountain Biking In Punta Mita

Those who have planned their yearly vacation for the amazing tropical hot spot that is known as Punta Mita, Mexico, are definitely in for a wonderful treat and the vacation of a lifetime. Celebrities and visitors from around the globe flock to Punta Mita for its wonderful natural beauty and year-round perfect weather. Located right on the mighty Pacific Ocean, the area is popular for its abundance of water activities that include incredible sports fishing, yacht charters, snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving. You will also find premier golfing opportunities, jungle tours and hiking tours. And the activities certainly don’t end there.

Mountain Biking Has Arrived

To add even more fun and adventure to your perfect vacation, you will now find a wide variety of mountain biking opportunities in the area. Biking is a big part of many people’s daily lifestyle, and it’s an incredibly good way to stay in shape. The mountain-biking adventures you will find in and near Punta Mita are also a wonderful way to explore this beautiful part of Mexico. You will find easy trails that are set up to suit the needs of your entire family and exceptionally challenging trails that were created to test your strength and skill.

Check Out These Great Biking Opportunities

  • Punta Mita Expeditions:This wonderful three-mile, single-track trail is located right inside the gates of the Punta Mita Resort, and it offers guests the opportunity to explore the beauty of the untouched side of the peninsula. This bike tour provides you with a state-of-the-art bike, all the gear you need and an experienced guide to take you on a two-hour journey through a series of curves, hills and connector trails with several rest areas and spots to stop and enjoy the view. Expect the area’s abundant wildlife to make an appearance during your ride. Those interested may call 329-291-6649 for more information.
  • Wild Mex:Regardless of your skill level, you will find a wonderful mountain-biking experience with this company. An English-speaking guide is available to take you on a true tropical jungle adventure, where you can expect to encounter the likes of adorable coatis, an abundance of geckos and iguanas and colorful parrots and other tropical birds. Visit http://wildmex.com/mountain-bike/ to learn more.
  • Villa Lunada:You will find another excellent mountain-biking opportunity just a short distance from Punta Mita. Prepare to explore the majestic mountains and the steamy jungle on these excellent single-track biking trails. You may choose a beginner-level, family friendly trek, or those looking for a challenge will find something really special. Bikers who are up for the challenge may choose a four-hour ride that covers an area of 29 miles and features 5,000 feet of vertical descent and 15 stream crossings.
  • Mita Aventuras:If you are interested in renting a bike to explore Punta Mita on your own, then feel free to call this reputable local company at 322-293-1142. This family-run business is happy to bring you the bike of your choice to your location, or you can come by to choose a bike for every member of your family. You will find an abundance of dirt roads, single tracks and technical trails scattered throughout Punta Mita and around Banderas Bay for your enjoyment.

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Punta Mita

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