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All of the seasons in Telluride offer a unique appeal, and each has an enduring charm and weather that make it someone’s favorite time of the year.


Basking in the Warm Days of Summer

Long days in the ideal low-70s temperature provide exceptional opportunities to spend time outdoors.


A bike ride in the San Juan Mountains is a remarkable experience for the breath-taking views and challenging trails that it presents. Beautiful basins high above the box canyon invite picnicking, and the exploration of mining roads recalls the history of digging for silver and gold in days gone by.


Seemingly endless choices of trails make hiking one of the most popular summer activities, and they offer an abundance of options to suit every taste and skill level. All of the hiking trails feature nature’s scenic beauty, whether they are short and easy for an afternoon trek or a challenging cross-country event. With more than 90 routes in town or in the mountains, there is a new one to explore every day.


Getting close to nature in the San Juan Mountains with an overnight camping trip or several days of backpacking creates lasting memories. The azure skies and the rugged terrain of the peaks challenge campers to explore or sit and contemplate nature’s elegant beauty.

Jazz, Bluegrass, Wine, Balloons and Movies

The unique geography of Telluride presents an ideal setting for the festivals that abound. They may appeal to music lovers at the Jazz Festival and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival while the Wine Festival appeals to almost everyone. Favorite events every year bring people to the Telluride Film Festival and The Balloon Festival.

Enjoying the Fall Wildlife and Outdoor Festivals

Cool temperatures of 66 degrees in early fall drop to highs of 43 in November to provide stunningly beautiful colors in nature that beckon everyone to the great outdoors. Wildlife in abundance makes appearances to show nearly incredible gracefulness and beauty. Beavers building a dam never fails to fascinate, and they share the open spaces with porcupines, marmots, grouse and hawks. The majesty of moose, deer and mountain lions presents a parade of nature’s creatures.

Festivals that provide an attractive opportunity to participate in unique activities feature photographs, Halloween horror and German beer. The Telluride Photo Festival offers days of celebrating art, nature and photography as some of the best-known photographers share their talent.

Octoberfest in Telluride lets everyone listen to German music while enjoying delicious brats and beer. Horror film buffs can enjoy three days of unequaled appreciation of horror, sci-fi and fantasy films at the fascinating Telluride Horror Festival. Visitors may choose to watch up to 20 short films and nearly as many features along with special events. The Telluride Blues & Brews Festival provides a chance to relax with friends and enjoy some soulful blues with beer.

Exhilarating in the Telluride Springtime

The spring months show temperatures climbing from 42 to 60 degrees as summer approaches. An ideal time to make some side trips in between the snow season and summer, the spring in Telluride provides many enjoyable experiences.

Bridal Veil Falls offers a level of scenic beauty that is uniquely dramatic and memorable. Closer to home is the Historic Sheridan Opera House that provides a showplace for performances today as it did in 1919. As a jewel of history that offers a glimpse of the lifestyle of the rich gold miners of old, it still fascinates.

Winter’s Crown Jewel: Skiing

Magnificent geographic features at the Telluride Ski Resort give it some of the most diverse and challenging slopes in the country. January is the coldest month with high temperatures averaging 35 degrees and lows averaging 2 degrees; the weather makes movement essential for staying warm outdoors. The winter usually produces 300 inches of snow and 300 days of sunshine on more than 2000 acres.

Making the Best Choice

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